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Bernd Wethmar

"Laten we samen gaan voor meer democratisch onderwijs!"


Mijn naam is Bernd Wethmar en ik ben een student in de schakelprogramma Master in Bedrijfskunde. Hoewel dit mijn eerste kandidaatstelling is voor de studentenraad van VUB ben ik niet nieuw binnen studentenparticipatie: al twee jaar ben ik studentenvertegenwoordiger binnen de Vlaamse Vereniging van Studenten en vorig jaar was ik voorzitter van de studentenraad van Erasmushogeschool Brussel, waar ik toen nog studeerde.

In mijn ervaring is de studentenraad dé beste manier waarop studenten hun stem kunnen laten horen en mee werken aan beter onderwijs. Studentenvertegenwoordigers hebben op (bijna) alle niveaus en zaken inspraak, van de prijs van een broodje tot het uiterlijk van de campus!

Hoe meer studenten betrokken zijn bij de studentenraad, hoe meer de studentenraad kan doen voor studenten. Daarom wil ik werken aan een meer toegankelijke studentenraad en studentenparticipatie in het algemeen!

Paulina Rios Maya

"She wins, we win, she is the right person, at the right time, for the right reason."


For most of my life I have been both ambitious and competitive always striving for more and I think that every university student has more than just a desire to do better, but the ability as well. I truly believe that every single student has the ability to be on top of their class, should they be fully supported. However, I also believe that it is usually not the big decisions that you make that have the largest impacts on your life, but all the small decisions that you make throughout the day. The ones that are seemingly insignificant alongside the resources provided by the university itself have a huge impact on these small decisions that we must make as students. 

One foot in front of the other, we solve one problem first and then move onto the next. Being successful at university isn’t talent, it isn’t brains. I truly believe that it is desire, determination a lot of self-discipline and the access to the necessary tools and resources that will make your life as a stressed university student easier. 

Some say that one never notices what has been done, but one can only see what remains to be done. This is why, by running for the student council, I want to be part of your success story, I want to provide and improve the tools necessary so you can reach your educational goals and therefore, be a better student. Why is it that you’re settling in for the grades you are getting? I mean I guess it’s true I can’t make you study or attend your classes, but I can open the possibilities to new student-friendly educational resources and that will ultimately make your student life at the VUB so much easier.  

Because doing well at university, it’s hard enough as it is, why should our studies be obstructed and inconvenienced by bicycle events? That is why I want to dig deep down into the facilities and resources provided by the faculty. I believe that universities are built by students for students and we deserve much more than early closing hours in facilities and study areas. What about working students? Night owls? Or just the people who wish to study outside of the convenient daytime hours? We deserve that teachers regardless of their lecture teaching method provide us with the necessary resources that can accommodate the seven different learning styles, I strongly believe that there is much more to be done, and that can be done. I stand behind the statement that you never change things by fighting the existing reality, in order to change something, you must build a model that makes the existing model obsolete. Because we deserve much more, I want to be the girl who just went for it. 

Anna Milojkowic

"Voor democratisch en kwalitatief onderwijs."


Ik wil opkomen voor

  • een inclusieve universiteit waar iedereen mee kan en voldoende ondersteuning krijgt;
  • een transparante universiteit die de studenten betrekt, zodat studenten meer inspraak krijgen;
  • een kwalitatieve universiteit waar het denken zich niet onderwerpt aan de besparingen.

Jonnick Fonke

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."


Hi everyone, 

My name is Jonnick Fonke and I’m a 3rd year Social Sciences bachelor student. As a proud ‘limburger’ I was this year lucky to call myself the president of Limburgia VUB. Furthermore, last year I was part of an enthusiastic group of students who created the new international student association ‘BASS’ (Brussels Association of the Social Sciences), and I was also elected to be the founding president of BASS last year. 

As president of both these associations I learned how to take responsibility and also enjoyed doing the work. I also got a better view on the needs and wishes of both the international students but also the ones of the Belgian students. For this reason, I would like my main goal and focus to be on the integration of international students in the social life of VUB.  Another goal for me is the integration of international students in the more traditional student associations at the VUB. This is already the case for example in Limburgia VUB, but I would like to see it happen in other associations as well.

Furthermore, I would like to work on communication both at and by the VUB. There are various cases when communication done by the VUB was not done sufficiently by the VUB in my opinion. As a recent example I would like to use the communication around the new student rooms where students were not communicated or not communicated sufficiently about this. Adding to the aspect of communication, I believe it is important to have transparent communication for international students as well. By this I mean it is important to have all information communicated in both English and Dutch in a consistent manner, therefore giving all students all the necessary information.

Another working point for me is to create more opportunities for social entrepreneurship by students, mainly focusing on students who are not part of any organization or association. A good way to implement this could be to collaborate with higher education institutions which allow students to choose an organization in which they volunteer as part of their academic program. This means that students are able to have a social entrepreneurship opportunity in the framework of a course. These organizations can be any kind of association going from an arts educational youth organization to an elder's house. After a small evaluation paper, they obtain ect points for their work. With these students not only get more field training but also give something back to our society.  

The VUB is already an amazing example of good practices for other educational institutions in Belgium, yet I believe that there are always things to improve, where we as Student Council can play a huge part. I believe that with my experience as president of student associations and my daily interactions with international students, I’m much closer to these interest groups and in this way, I can play an important part in the road towards success.