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Did you see the amazing presentations of our VUB PhD Cup finalists during the PhD day 2018? Would you like to compete with fellow-researchers for the VUB PhD Cup 2019? Then be sure to reserve a spot on the pre-selections taking place during the PhD days of the Doctoral Schools and bring along your colleagues! You not only can win a spot during the finals in May, but will have the opportunity to get personal training from the Floor is Yours on April, 30th;  the possibility of making a short video on your research for ‘Science Figured Out’ and win 500 eur working credit!! Check out videos from last year here.

To prepare yourself to speak about your research in layman’s terms, you can follow a short writing course offered by RTDO!

Be sure to reserve the following dates in your agenda:

Short writing course to develop an abstract in laymen’s terms (15/3 or 20/3 or 21/3)

Preselections: 2/4/19 (NSE/LSM), 24/4/19 (DSH)

Training: 30/4/19

Recording video for Science Figured Out: 21/5/19

Final: 27/5/19

Pre-selection and registration

Format: Give a three-minute presentation of your research in English, tailored to a large audience. You can make use of a powerpoint or other objects to get your message across.

To nominate PhD candidates for the PhD Cup, each Doctoral School will organize a pre-selection in which you can present your research. The audience will choose one finalist and the jury the other two.


Register by the following links:

Pre-selection NSE: April, 2nd (Deadline submission abstract: 29/3) at Campus Etterbeek, U-Residence - Green Room (PhD Cup starting at 15:15)

Pre-selection LSM: April 2nd (Deadline submission abstract: 29/3) at Campus Jette, Atrium (PhD Cup starting at 15:15)

Pre-selection DSH: April, 24th (Deadline submission abstract: 12/4) at Campus Etterbeek, Building D - aula D0.02 (PhD Cup starting at 16:00) - Reception afterwards in the Active Learning Studio (Building D, 3th Floor)

Not interested in speaking, but very good at cheering? Please come and support your peers while they are giving it their best, and help us determine who should go to the finals by awarding the audience vote. Register as an audience member (The PhD-network is planning a fun treat for us to wind down after the pre-selections and need to know how many people to expect.)

Too early to present something but curious how more experienced researchers perform on stage?
Come and cheer them from the audience!

Some simple guidelines:

-          Do not to use specific jargon only known by your field of research

-          Even if your research is complex, try to find a way to simplify it for your audience without missing the core message

-          Script your research as a story with emotional as well as intellectual impact – people will remember your research better!

-          Do not worry about being complete, you can tell a part of the story to get people interested in the subject

-          Think about why your research is important and start from there

-          Can you relate your research to hot topics in the news of self-interest themes? This might make your story stick better

-          Do you have any fun facts related to your research? Use them!

-          Do not use too many slides (follow the rule: one (or half a) minute per slide)

Check out some short videos from the Flemish PhD Cup to get inspiration for your talk: http://www.phdcup.be/publieksprijs (in Dutch)

Check out examples from Three-Minute-Thesis Competition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dexCh39jEg4 (in English)



Explaining in three minutes what your research is about, that’s what is expected from the finalists in the VUB PhD Cup on the 27th of May 2019. To win the 500 euro award, the candidates need to translate their research into a short message that enthuses and can be understood by a wide audience. To get into the finals, the finalists had to struggle through pre-selections in April. Eventually 9 young researchers made it to the finals. Like in a real talent show, both an expert jury and the audience had to vote for the best presentations. According to them, it was a though choice as the bar was already pretty high!  

After the presentations there will be a short talk of Peter Adriaens on ‘Sugar uncles and sickle cell patients: How not to think about the evolution of human homosexuality.’ Many biologists consider human homosexuality to be an evolutionary puzzle. If there are indeed such things as gay genes, how can they spread through a population if their carriers do not reproduce? In this talk, I debunk a number of solutions for this puzzle – solutions that include colourful figures such as sugar uncles and sickle cell patients – simply by unveiling their erroneous assumptions. I then go on to explain that human homosexuality can be considered as an interesting case study to integrate the evolutionary sciences and the social sciences.                                                                                 


18u                    Introduction by host (Hannelore De Grande)

18u10                Start Presentations

18u10-18u17     Joeri Lambrecht (LSM)

18u17-18u24     Philippe Eiselein (DSH)

18u24-18u31     Mathilde Patin (NSE)

18u31-18u38     Quinten Marcelis (LSM)

18u38-18u45     Kadri Latif (DSH)

18u45-18u52     Annelies Van Heyst (NSE)

18u52-18u59     Jeroen Van Cutsem (LSM)

18u59-19u06     Nathaniel Berneman (NSE)

19u06-19u13     Julia Zomignani Barboza (DSH)

19u13-19u20     Voting & introduction to keynote

19u20                Keynote Speech by Pieter Adriaens

19u50                Awarding of the VUB PhD Cup Winner 2019

20u-22u            Reception with live band

Practical Info

Monday, 27th of May - starting 6 pm

Venue: Munt 6 1000 Brussel
Muntpunt, Feestzaal Literair Salon (1st Floor)


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