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Future Narratives, onderzoeksweek RITCS van 27 tem 31 januari 2020

It’s about narratives, even when the ‘greater stories’ about civi- lisation and history have been seriously destabilized the last 50 years. But artists who use theatre, cinema and sound – people at the RITCS, as it happens – expe- rience time and again the need to create some structure in their message. So, a narrative, with a beginning, a middle and an end – but not necessarily in that order, as Jean-Luc Godard once said. About this need for experiment, on all possible levels, researchers of RITCS will take the floor.

The education programs of RITCS are nourished by the artistic practices of its teachers. But be- side this, it is the research, since almost 20 years a structural task of a School of Arts, that provides innovating impulses. It is exactly this dynamic that we want to show during Future Narratives, a week long and rather intense program with masterclasses, lecture-performances, screenings, presentations...

Some activities focus on a spe- cialized audience, others invite a larger public, the whole commu- nity of RITCS and/or the artistic field one is active in. Or simply the interested outsider, curious about artistic and intellectual challenges.


When? From Monday 27/01/2020 (2pm) to Friday 31/01/2020 (8pm)
Where? RITCS Brussels (check locations in attached PDF below)

Find the complete PROGRAMME and information in the attached PDF