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Activiteiten rond internationalisatie door studenten

Wil jij een event rond van internationalisatie organiseren, maar zoek je nog wat extra fondsen? IRMO kan je helpen.

Het doel is om studenten die een activiteit rond internationalisatie organiseren financieel een handje te helpen. Geïnteresseerd? Lees dan de Engelse info hieronder:

VUB International Relations Office launches call for internationalisation activities organised by VUB Students.

The objective is to provide funding for students to organise events related to internationalisation. This means events which,

=> enhance the international spirit of the VUB
=> contribute to the concept of an international campus
=> build capacity on international and intercultural skills within the VUB community
=> contribute to the mix of international and local students.

Two types of events are possible: students organise events to make our campuses truly international. These events can be stand-alone ones or add-ons to other activities organised by the VUB International Relations office (e.g. the Go Abroad Fair, International Orientation Week, thematic days, etc). The second type of event is the international ambassador programme where students participate in structural international student events where they actively represent the VUB.

More information on budgets, eligibility, deadlines and how to apply is in the attached documents.