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Rega Institute and Sybioma proteomics facility, KU Leuven

Proteomics methodologies are increasingly used in biomedical and biotechnology research and in clinical applications including monitoring of biomarkers. These approaches usually depend on use of sophisticated mass spectrometers run in core facilities by specialists. Users with bio-medical backgrounds understand the value of proteomics experiments but are sometimes intimidated by the unknown complexities of a proteomics flow process. To remedy this the Sybioma proteomics facility at KULeuven (https://gbiomed.kuleuven.be/english/corefacilities/sybioma) together with the Belgian Proteomics association (https://belgianproteomics.be) are organising four workshops aimed primarily at users in Belgian universities. Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty are welcome. These workshops will familiarise users with the use of proteomics flows available at KU Leuven and other universities and allow them to make the most of the available tools.

Four modules have been included:

Workshop 1: Introduction to proteomics: How to build a proteomics pipeline- an overview, Date: 22-05-2018

Workshop 2: Sample preparation for proteomics (common sample preparation methods) Date: TBA

Workshop 3: Sample preparation for mass spectrometry (hands-on practical at the Sybioma proteomics facility-KUL) Date: TBA

Workshop 4: From m/z to lists of proteins to function (data analysis and bioinformatics) Date: TBA

The workshops are organised with the generous support of the Flemish Government through a grant in aid to the Doctoral School of Biomedical Sciences KU Leuven (OJO-financiering) and are free to all students and employees of Belgian universities.

However, registration is compulsory and is now Open for Workshop 1 online on our WWW site: 


Check our site for updated programme, useful links and future announcements and details of Workshops 2-4.