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Science Beyond Boundaries

The extra-curricular Honours Programme of VUB connects a group of motivated Honours students, selected from all faculties, with world-renowned experts. Together they debate and reflect on important scientific developments and their relation to society.

Design and goals

Searching for universality at the university. Looking beyond boundaries of the scientific disciplines. Reflecting on important scientific (r)evolutions and their impact on society. Interacting with internationally renowned experts in a truly transdisciplinary environment. These are the ingredients of the VUB Honours Programme – Science Beyond Boundaries.

Transdisciplinary character

The 19th century separation of science into different, isolated disciplines is counterproductive for important breakthroughs in the fundamental problems that our society faces today. Some of the most interesting scientific and societal questions that remain in this century must be solved with an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, modern universities should not be composed of islands of different disciplines. In contrast, the interaction between students should mirror the interconnectedness between the disciplines and reflect the way that science is evolving in the 21st century.

The unique feature of Science Beyond Boundaries is its transdisciplinary character; key concepts from various scientific fields will meet, thus offering an encyclopedic tour of different scientific fields of knowledge. Following a flipped classroom strategy, the Honours students will take the lead in the debates with the experts.

In the past academic year, several transdisciplinary activities took place in the Brussels city centre under the overarching theme ‘Artificial Intelligence, Cognition and Creativity'. In the second edition of this programme, the same concept will apply, under the theme 'Evolution'.


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Provisions and certificate

Successful attendance in the VUB Honours Programme implies the participation in at least seven of the activities offered and taking a leading role in at least two of them.

Taking a leading role means preparing the debate and writing a popularizing or opinionative piece after the debate. Participation therefore requires clear effort and commitment.

You can submit your online application when you have acquired at least 60 credits and have achieved good study results (at least the equivalent of 'distinction').

An Honours Certificate, signed by the Rector, will endorse your successful participation in the Programme.

How to apply?

If you are interested in participating in the VUB honours programme you can apply by filling out the application form before October 23rd.

VUB Honours Programme

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For more information about the VUB Honours Programme, send us a mail at honoursprogramme@vub.ac.be