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    Helping the ones around you

    Volunteering will help you deal with a complex society whilst enriching your personality. There are plenty of community organisations that you can join.

    Volunteers wanted: VUB database

    A cooperation between the VUB Career Centre and Jobat resulted in this database of volunteering offers.

    The Flemish Volunteering Centre

    Het Steunpunt Vrijwilligerswerk, or the Flemish Volunteering Centre, supports volunteers and volunteer organisations in Brussels. You can find an extensive database with volunteer jobs in our capital on their website.

    The World Needs You

    Whether you're a student, researcher or professor, you can change things here and now. Things that are wrong with the world. Injustice. Climate change. Gender discrimination. Poverty and inequality. Yes, the world needs you. Needs you badly. And yes, VUB is the ideal base for you to get started.


    Volunteering at VUB

    Would you like to get involved and make a difference at our University? You can join international student organisations, help a new student, or help to make the campus a better place!

    VUB, so much more than just studying

    Meet students from all over the world by joining student organisations, or get in touch with the international student platform!

    Become a Buddy!

    Do you know your way around Brussels? As an international student, you have first-hand experience of how difficult the first days abroad and adjusting to university life can be. Help our new international VUB students feel at home and settle in by becoming a buddy!

    Green Team VUB

    Our motivated student team engages in ecological projects in and around the University. We can help make the campus a more beautiful and sustainable place!

    Volunteering off campus

    Meet lots of new people whilst volunteering and experience the intricacies of life in Belgium.

    A Place to Live

    A Place to Live offers a place to meet for mothers, children, and families in vulnerable circumstances. Students can join various activities and thereby help to raise awareness.


    Hu-Bu connects NGOs with companies and volunteers. They offer a wide range of human experiences. You are sure to find volunteering offers for every preference!

    Serve the City - Brussels

    Serve the City is a worldwide volunteering movement, which you can join if you want to help people in need at homeless shelters, refugee centres, orphanages etc. You can help in many ways: conversations, music, arts and crafts, meals and more!

    USE-IT Brussels

    Become a volunteer at USE‐IT Brussels and make young travellers discover the city through your eyes. Manneken pis and waffles? Non merci! Join our team and tell people about the real smell of this dirty lovely city. Interested? Send an email to infodesk@use-it.be