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    University general medical practice

    The University medical practice is a general practice near the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus in Etterbeek. It is accessible to everyone: students, staff and local residents.

    You can make an appointment via the online agendas. If you wish to make an appointment for the same day, please make an appointment via telephone before 11 am.

    Group agenda

    In this general overview you can see the first available appoinment in a glance.

    Dr. Desmet

    Make a personal appointment with Dr. Hanne Desmet via her online agenda.

    Dr. de Windt

    Make a personal appointment with Dr. Nora de Windt via her online agenda.

    Dr. Huybregts

    Make a personal appointment with Dr. Els Huybrechts by contacting the medical service.

    Dr. Fokoua

    Make a personal appointment with Dr. Célestin Hugues Fokoua Mouafo via his online agenda.

    Dr. Van Herck

    Make a personal appointment with Dr. Herman Van Herck via his online agenda.


    This should be done at least 24h before your consultation via the appointment tool. Do you want to cancel your appointment on the day of consultation? Then contact the medical practice by phone.

    Consultation by phone

    Each day a different doctor at your service.


    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1.30 PM until 2 PM.

    What for?

    For getting lab results, requesting renewal of prescriptions (physio, medicines, etc.) and short medical advice.

    When needed, the doctor will invite you to fix an appointment (more explanation, further testing, re-evaluation of your condition, excluding other diseases, etc.).

    Day Available doctor
    Monday Dr. Desmet
    Tuesday Dr. Desmet
    Thursday Dr. Dewindt
    Friday Dr. Desmet

    Picking up documents

    You can request a prescription via telephone before 11 am. You can pick up the documents or prescriptions the next day from 2 PM until 5 PM. A cost of €4 is charged.



    Each of our doctors has his/her own specialities. You can contact us for any of the available services.

    Illness Pregnancy and ante-natal care
    Medical related problems Referrals
    Contraception Repeat prescriptions
    Wound care Stopping smoking
    Preventative screening for cervical cancer /
    breast cancer / colon cancer
    Terminal care
    STD screening Blood tests
    Travel medicine Sports certificates
    Vaccinations Electrocardiography (ECG)
    Minor surgery Monitoring of chronic conditions
    Monitoring of babies and children And more

    Not sure?

    Not sure whether we can be of service? Do not hesitate to contact us.


    Each of the doctors in our university, has his/her own speciality. Get to know them here!

    Dr. Desmet (NL-ENG-FR)

    Dr. Hanne Desmet received her degree in general medicine in 2015. Her research focused on the vaccination status of young people living in Brussels. She gained experience as a medical practitioner in the Brussels region, Vlaams-Brabant and Antwerp. She is also a Kind & Gezin (regional family care centres) consultation doctor since 2012. She is passionate about the new possibilities offered by electronic medical records and e-health. Her biggest hobby is spending time with her family (married and a mother of two children). 

    Her specialties include:

    • Pediatrics
    • Preventive medicine (incl. vaccination)
    • Breastfeeding / new parenthood
    • EHR and E-Health
    • Sports medicine, compression bandaging
    • Electrocardiography

    Dr. Huybregts

    Dr. Els Huybregts graduated in 1987 at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and has since worked as a general practitioner for students at the VUB medical practice. She has completed a research on the satisfaction of patients diagnosed with MS with their treatment.

    You can consult her on:

    • Psychological problems
    • Problems related to studying
    • Relationship problems
    • Family problems
    • Help with quitting smoking
    • Diving medicals
    • Dealing with chronic illnesses

    Dr. Fokoua

    Dr. Célestin Hugues Fokoua Mouafo is a qualified doctor since 1996 and has long experience in surgery and pharmacology.

    You can consult him on:

    • Treatment and correction of scars caused by wounds (aesthetic suture of wounds, skin lesions, scars…)
    • Cognitive behavioural therapy (depression – anxiety – burn out psychological disorders, addiction)
    • ECG (electrocardiography), sports medicine
    • Travel medicine, tropical diseases
    • Children’s health (pediatrics)
    • Medical check-ups, vaccinations

    Finally, you can also consult him on issues related to drug interactions and medication control.

    Dr. Van Herck (NL-FR-ENG)

    Dr. Herman Van Herck graduated as a doctor of medicine, surgery and obstetrics in 1986 with honours. Over the years he built a vast amount of knowledge particularly in the areas of:

    • Diabetes
    • Family planning
    • Gynaecology:  PAP-smears, insertion / removal of IUDs
    • STDs
    • Responsible parenthood 

    Dr. de Windt (NL-ENG-ESP-PAP-FR)

    Doctor de Windt received her degree in medicine from the University of Leiden in 2004. She worked for one year as resident-doctor in Surgery in a hospital in Curaçao. She spent most time in the ER, expanding her competence in shot- and stabwounds, tropical infections, infected wounds in diabetic patients, … Hereafter she was resident-doctor in a prison and in a care-facility. (care after hospitalization, before returning home). During her training as a family doctor, she worked in the ER, pediatrics, geriatrics and psychiatric departements of hospitals and in 2 very different family doctor practices. (countryside and city) Therefore she is very capable to take care of people of all ages. She received the title of family doctor in 2010.

    For 7 years she has worked  in medical houses (maison medicale) and as a student doctor. She does consultation in Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento and French.

    Her special interests are:

    • contraconception
    • STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)
    • Follow up of pregnancies and newborn babies
    • Stitching of wounds
    • Small surgery (eg removal of molds)
    • Travel advice

    Koen (NL-FR-ENG-GER)

    Koen is our famous practice assistant who is responsible for the patients’ welcome and reception. He answers all telephone calls and is the first point of contact of the practice. Do you wish to make an appointment or need more information about any aspect of the practice? Koen is happy to help you.

    Fees & payment

    Normal consultations are charged at convention rates.

    All consultations between 8 AM and 6 PM are charged at convention rates: 26,80 euros for 15 minutes. There may be additional costs if further tests or services are needed.

    All consultations need to payed in cash. Consultations with Dr. de Windt en Dr. Desmet can be payed via the Bancontact app.

    Appointment for a Corona test? Mail to ugpcorona@gmail.com with your personal information and symptoms.


    At the VUB, you can arrange for a medical consultation during or after office hours. Do you want to make a telephone appointment? Do you doubt whether the general practitioner can help you? Do not hesitate to contact the university general medical practice service.


    Due to the amount of appointments, it's not possible to reach the medical practice by phone: 

    • If you're not a patient at the practice, you can go to the website of TeleMedi for more help.
    • Are you a patient and do you want to make an appointment for a corona test? You can send an email to ugpcorona@gmail.com, make sure to add your full name, address, phone number and date of birth. Also mention which symptoms you have and how long you've been experiencing them. 
      Attention! Asymptomatic high-risk contacts and people returning from red zones don't get tested right now, except healthcare workers. Other people need to quarantine for 10 days. However, everyone with symptoms needs to be tested. 

    Make or cancel an appointment?

    Make an appointment

    • online through the appointment tools
    • if you wish to make an appointment for the same day, please contact us by telephone via the contact details below.

    Cancel an appointment? This should be done at least 24h before your consultation through the appointment tool. Do you want to cancel your appointment on the day of consultation? Then contact the medical practice by phone.

    *Please note that appointments for the dentist can only be made via phone.

    Pick up documents? You can request a prescription via telephone before 11 am. You can pick up the documents or prescriptions the next day from 2 PM until 5 PM. A cost of €4 is charged.

    How to reach us?

    Henri Schoofslaan 8

    Campus plan
    Opening hours
    MONDAY TO FRIDAY, 9 pm TO 5 pm (longer depending on availability)

    Closed because of team meeting
    Between 11 am and 11.30 am
    +32 2 897 19 50


    Availability outside office hours

    Outside office hours, you can also contact the Brussels Guard Service for urgent home visits via +32 2 201 22 22.