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    Changing your enrolment?

    Cancelling courses, registering more courses, changing your programme or terminating your studies altogether might have an effect on your tuition fee.


    The most frequently asked questions concerning the tuition fee and the tuition fee invoice.

    How to pay your fee?

    There are three different ways to pay your tuition fee.

    Bank transfer

    All information you need for this is indicated on the tuition fee invoice that you will receive in PDF format via your VUB emailaddress.

    SME portfolio

    Training vouchers for employers are available through the SME portfolio (page in Dutch). The VUB is an accredited education provider with the code: 

    • DV.O103793 for bachelors, masters, advanced master, postgraduate programmes and these permanent training programmes: Tabakologie (VRGT), Relatie- en gezinstherapie, Psychodiagnostiek bij Kinderen, Psychodiagnostiek bij Volwassenen, Eerstelijnspsychologie, Psychotraumatologie, Klinische Neuropsychologie and Arbeidsgeneeskunde.

    Mind the difference between the number 0 and the letter O!

    The application and payment should be done through the employer SME where the student is employed. The procedure for payment by the SME portfolio is done entirely online.

    Training vouchers

    Handing in the vouchers

    You can hand in your training vouchers at the Education and Student Administration or send them in by registered mail. Provide your vouchers as soon as possible and prevent waiting for a refund.


    Never hand in a higher amount of vouchers than is necessary to pay your tuition fee. Refunds are not possible. 

    Career Counseling Certificate

    The Education and Student Administration does not accept training vouchers of students who have already obtained a diploma of higher education, unless they dispose of a career counseling certificate.

    What happens if you don't pay timely?

    The consequences range from a reminder to suspension.

    1. Reminder/notification

    If you fail to pay the full amount of the tuition fee due after receiving the invoice, you will first receive a reminder and after that a notification at your domicile.

    2. Additional administrative cost and suspension

    • If you fail to pay the full amount of the tuition fee due after having received the notification, you will receive a formal notice per registered mail and you will be charged with a additional administrative cost of € 55,00.
    • The administrative services will be limited. Attestation will only be delivered after full payment of the tuition fee due.
    • Re-enrolment for the next academic year will no longer be possible unless the balance is paid before the end of the current academic year.

    3. Suspension: consequences for your studies

    Non-payment leads to suspension of your registration.

    • You are not entitled to benefit from teaching activities;
    • You will not be allowed to participate in the exams.

    Any examination scores already awarded shall be invalid.

    Obligation to pay

    In no case is the student released from the obligation to pay the amount due. The university reserves the right to recover the amounts due through legal proceedings. The suspension will only be revoked after all the amounts due have been paid.