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    You qualify for these scholarships if the traineeship is part of your VUB programme (i.e. course unit ‘traineeship’, in the framework of thesis work).

    Erasmus+ Traineeship during studies

    • Destination To host organisation, agreed upon with Exchange Coordinator, located in an EU Member State, FYROM, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Turkey.
    • Application procedure & selection Up to now all students who are selected by their Faculty are eligible. In case of insufficient funds, faculties will prioritise using own standards.
    • Scholarship details & specific conditions
      - On average grant covers 50-60% of the expenses made abroad.Scholarship amounts vary depending on the destination (overview for an exchange for traineeships).
      - Students receiving a scholarship from the Flemish community get a top-up of 50EUR/month for their exchange for a traineeship.
      - Scholarship is paid in 2 instalments; 70% is after arrival and 30% upon return.
    • Duration Min. 2 -  max. 10 months
    • Specific conditions
      - Complete non-binding online language tests. Results are not accessible by the host institution. Students whose mother tongue is the language of instruction at the host institution are exempt.
      - Complete a survey (through Mobility-Tool+).

    Erasmus+ Traineeship after graduation

    • Destination To host organisation agreed upon with Exchange Coordinator located in a EU Member State, FYROM, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Turkey.
    • Application procedure & selection Students who are selected by their Faculty for this exchange will be informed on the call to apply. The application itself is managed by Students on the Move.
    • Scholarship details & payment scheme Students on the Move applies a first come first served principle.
    • Duration Min. 2 and max.12 months (including the deduction of the # of months you have been on an Erasmus+ exchange within the study cycle (Bachelor, Master) you are graduating from).
    • Specific conditions Need to be nominated by your Faculty towards IRMO (see procedure), register while you are still a VUB student (i.e. before graduation), and traineeship needs to be in line with your VUB programme.
    • More information via this link.