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    Prevention tips for burglary

    • Always close windows and doors.
    • When you strangers, ask them who they are looking for.
    • Avoid sticky notes stating you’re not home.
    • Stay vague in automatic e-mail replies.
    • Keep valuables out of sight (cell phone, wallet, purse,…).
    • Personalise your valuables.
    • Take pictures of valuables and write down serial numbers.
    • Never give out confidential information to third parties.
    • Don’t hide your keys (under a mat, in a jar,…).
    • Never label your key with clearly identifiable information.
    • Notify security in case of any suspicious behaviour.
    • Keep as few valuable items as possible in your dorm room.
    • Don’t leave any facilitating objects hanging around (ladders near windows, small tools, …).
    • Don’t let anyone borrow your keys.

    Prevention tips for thefts from cars

    • Park your car preferably in a garage or in another safe place. In any case, choose a nearby and well lit parking place.
    • Always lock your car carefully: besides the car doors, don’t forget to shut the windows, the sunroof and the trunk. This is very important, since theft from an open car, without breaking in is not considered theft by the insurance. You may even have to pay a fine for it.
    • When you leave the car, take the vehicle documents with you; they are worth money to criminals.
    • Always remove your mobile GPS and GPS holder from the car. Wipe off the suction cup mark from the front window shields as well. 
    • Always disable the blue-tooth and wifi-functions (from your cell, laptop, GPS,…) to avoid potential thieves from picking up on this signal and realising that your car contains such valuables.
    • If there is nothing of value in your car, show it: leave your glove compartment or trunk cover open.
    • Objects that (by exception) are left in your car, can by preference be stored in the sealed trunk. Put the object in the trunk before you start driving your car, and not after you park, so potential thieves do no see you do that.
    • Use the PIN code on your GPS. This option is often provided but not installed by default. Install this option, your GPS can then no longer be used without the correct PIN code.

    Prevention tips for bicycle theft

    • Always lock your bike.
    • When possible attach the lock to a fixed object (bicycle rack, …).
    • Remove valuable items from the saddlebags or from the bicycle.
    • Contact the Prevention and Environment Department to get access to the secured bicycle shed on campus Etterbeek.
    • Use the Bicycle Pass (available in Dutch only). Few people can describe their bicycle. Fill out this pass and keep it at home. In case of theft, you can take the pass along to the police.

    Make an inventory of your valuable objects

    Keep an inventory of the serial numbers, brand and model of all your valuable items (the sample of an inventory is available in Dutch). Do this for your GPS, laptop, imei number of your mobile phone, etc.

    The serial number and imei number are unique numbers that allow the police to identify stolen property sooner and hand it back to its rightful owner.