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    Studying apart together

    The exam period is getting closer. For some amongst you it is the first exam period in higher education. This, combined with the current corona rules, could be a bit much to handle. Under normal circumstances, VUB offers its students study spaces on campus. This is unfortunately not possible this exam period, but there are, however, different ways to study together and support eachother.

    Organise it yourself

    You can create a mass study event in different ways.

    If you want to create a channel and keep in touch with your fellow students, you can use Microsoft Teams. You can communicate with a group of people and collaborate via your browser, desktop app or the mobile app.

    With your VUB account you have unlimited access to TEAMS. => Guide to install Microsoft Teams.

    The best way to keep in touch is by creating a new chat. You can chat with as many fellow students as you like. Everyone can choose to turn his/her camera/mic on or off. => How to start a chatsession in TEAMS.

    Don't forget that these sessions are for studying. Agree on some ground rules before you start. Try to synchronize your study schedule so you can start at the same time everyday and, most importantly, that you can take a breaks at the same time. This way you create a digital study room without to much diversion.

    If you see it bigger, you can also opt for a TEAM site. Here you can also share documents, collaborate, … => How to apply for a TEAMS site.


    Did you start at the VUB last September? Your VUBuddy is there for you, especially this time of year. Maybe you already asked him/her a lot of questions, maybe you haven't tried that out yet.

    Your VUBuddy is a fellow student, studying the same programme as you, so you can ask/receive advice and tips for this first exam period. No idea what we are talking about? => Find our more about your VUBUddy.

    Advice from Study Guidance

    Our university works semi-digital at the moment and also the exam period will be not as usual. Study Guidance is still here for you! => Tips from Study Guidance.

    Besides digital tips and tricks, we also organised group sessions. Did you miss them? You can read up on the contents here

    Last but not least, Study Guidance tested some apps that could help you studying and keeping sane during this stressful times. This overview is just a small sample of everything that is out there on Google.