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    Stress! The word itself seems to be inseparable from studying... When you're a student, you'll be confronted with quite stressfull situations.


    Stress! What now?

    A little bit of stress can be a motivating when there's a deadline coming soon or an exam waiting to be studied for. But experiencing a lot of stress has a negative impact on how we feel, think and act. That's why it's important to be aware what stress is and how to deal with it as a student.

    Are you curious about stress? Want to know what exactly it is and where it comes from? Read this infographic!

    Get to know your signs of stress. This list can be a good start.


    Study Guidance organises different workshops that can help you deal with feelings of stress and anxiety. In group, you'll get useful tips and tricks to get started with. Besides that, it's also the perfect opportunity to learn from other students what their solutions are for certain situations.

    What to expect?

    Interested to participate at the workshop 'How to deal with stress'? You'll talk about these topics:

    • What is stress?
    • Which effect does stress have?
    • What causes us to be stressed? 
    • How can we recognize stress?
    • Can we prevent ourselves from feeling stressed?
    • How can we deal with stress?

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    Individual guidance

    Study Guidance doesn't just offer workshops about study stress, they're also available for individual guidance.

    Would you prefer individual guidance? Make an appointment with a student psychologist.

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