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    Are you an overthinker?

    Do you have some negative thoughts and feelings that keep coming back? Do your worries take up a lot of your time and energy? You're not the only one!

    Do you want to do something about your overthinking? This can be a start! 

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    Overthinking is learned behavior, so fortunately, we can unlearn it! Of course, it will take some practice! This training exists of two sessions. You can only participate to session 2, if you participated to session 1 as well. 

    Session 1

    The first session focuses on the theoretical part. It will be explained what overthinking is, why we do it and what it does to us. We'll also check which neurobiological mechanisms play a role in overthinking. At the end of the session, you'll get some excercises to do at home!

    Session 2

    The seconds (and last) session starts by looking back at the previous one. We'll also evaluate how the exercises at home went. A few new exercises to deal with overthinking will be taught as well. At the end, we take some time to think about the future: how can you keep up the good work in your life? And what should you do when you notice it's not going well any more?

    Feedback from previous participants: "The excercises at home were so useful! I also liked training in group, so the experiences of other students can teach you a few more things!"

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