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    Fear of failure

    Are you worried about your studies? Do you automatically think you can't do it? Do you fear you won't pass your exams? Do you focus on what's not going well? 

    These unpleasant thoughts might indicate you have fear of failure. This can have a negative impact on your well-being as a student. Do you recognize yourself in the previous description and do you want to do something about it? Check what we can do at "Workshops" and "Inidvidual".

    Do you want to start already with some tips & tricks? 

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    Every semester, the student psychologists organise a training about dealing with fear of failure. 

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    The training on fear of failure exist of 6 sessions (two hours), in 7 weeks. We ask for all students to be present at every session for continuity. Each group exists of maximum 6 participants. The groups are so little for a reason, this way every student will get the attention he/she deserves. There are limited spots available. Before you can apply, there will be a one-on-one intake interview with a student psychologist.

    What to expect?

    What can you expect from this training? Understanding what fear of failure is. You'll also be taught some skills on how to deal with this. It will be a mixture of both theory and practice. There will be some exercises; some of them you'll do with the other students, the other ones, you can do at home.

    What do we expect from you? It's called a training for a reason. Learning how to deal with fear of failure takes both time and practice. We expect you to be motivated to participate to this training in an interactive way. 

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    Individual guidance

    Study Guidance doesn't just offer workshops about study stress, they're also available for individual guidance.

    Would you prefer individual guidance? Make an appointment with a student psychologist.

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