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    Workshops first semester 2018-2019 in Etterbeek

    Study Guidance organises the workshops in building F, level Esplanade.

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    Where to go?

    Whether it's about planning your studies, figuring out assignments, stress or procrastination, the Study Guidance Centre is here to help!

    Study path

    Planning your study path, study progress, pre- and corequisites, learning account, working and studying

    Learning path counsellors


    Managing stress and anxiety, motivation, procrastination and self-confidence

    Student psychologists

    Course related

    Improve your study and exam skills, tutoring, writing your bachelor's or master's thesis

    Study advisors

    For any questions related to your studies

    Meeting Point

    Learning to study

    If you feel like you can use a bit of tutoring, we can direct you to activities that suit you the most. You can join workshops, meet up with other students or arrange a personalised training session, just for you!

    Need a helping hand?

    Request a tutor!

    Feel like helping out?

    Become a tutor!

    Required prior knowledge

    At the start of a programme, you might realise that you lack some required prior knowledge to comprehend the matter. Don't worry - this often happens due to the differences between each faculty's study programme.

    A study advisor can help you fill in the gaps. Even if you notice that you need some background knowledge later in the academic year, you can contact your advisor for individual guidance. This way, you'll begin your study path well prepared.

    English tutoring

    Having difficulties talking or writing in English? Afraid of giving a presentation in this language? Worried that the idioms you used in your mail aren't correct? Or maybe you're anxious about the quality of your Bachelor's or Master's thesis.

    Contact the Study Guidance Centre Meeting Point and you can get help from a trusted VUB student, who will act as a tutor for any of your English concerns.

    Other training sessions

    We look forward to helping you study, regardless of what problems you encounter. You can find out which type of tutoring can help you best at the Study Guidance Centre Meeting Point.

    The guidance centre organises workshops and training sessions regarding several study skills, from learning to study independently to taking notes efficiently during classes. Find out if an upcoming workshop would suit your needs on our events page.

    Individual guidance is possible as well. You can contact our study advisors through the SGC Meeting Point to arrange for personalised training.

    Study space

    You are very welcome at the Study Guidance Centre in building F, on campus Etterbeek. Students on campus Jette are welcome to study at the Integrated Learning and Resource Center (GBLJ).

    Notice that this opening hours only apply to the period where there is no group study.

    Etterbeek Jette
    Course, study and exam weeks Monday to Thursday: 9 AM – 6 PM
    Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
    Course-free weeks Monday to Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM Timetable 
    September Monday to Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM Timetable 

    • Working students can equally access all of the services of the Study Guidance Centre. We hold some of our workshops at evening hours, and we offer the same amount and attention to helping your studies. Don't hesitate to contact us to arrange for individual guidance!
    • Athletes can access study, sportive and logistical guidance by contacting Topsport en Studie (service for high level athletes). This way, you can optimally combine your study with sports.

    Special student facilities

    If you have a physical or mental disability, work while you study or need other facilities, we can provide the flexibility you need


    The Study Guidance Centre

    Studying efficiently can be a challenge. The Study Guidance Centre offers personalised advice and an excellent place to study. Call us, mail us or just drop by!

    Where to look for advice

    Unsure as to what kind of guidance you are looking for or want (to become) a tutor? Give us a call, send us a mail or come talk to us. You can visit us at the Meeting Point at any time, without an appointment. We will have a look at your study needs together.

    Campus Kaai does not have a Meeting Point, but you can e-mail the SGC and they'll invite you for a talk.

    If you are enrolled as a student at the Jette or Kaai campus, you are also welcome to make use of our Meeting Point at campus Etterbeek.

    Contact our Meeting Points

    Etterbeek Jette Kaai
    Address Building FILRC, Building A room A.053A Requires appointment
    Phone +32 2 629 23 06 +32 2 477 44 81 +32 2 629 23 06
    E-mail guidance@vub.ac.be  guidance@vub.ac.be guidance@vub.ac.be 

    Meeting Point opening hours

    Etterbeek Jette Kaai
    Course, study and
    exam weeks
    9 AM - 5 PM
    9 AM - 4.30 PM
    Course-free weeks Monday-Friday
    9 AM - 5 PM
    1 PM - 4 PM