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    Student psychologist

    If you are experiencing a difficult time during your studies, you can talk to a Student Psychologist in confidence.

    What can a student psychologist help with?

    Student psychologists have expertise in different study and student related topics, like:

    • Study(stress)
    • Fear of failure
    • Low self-confidence
    • Overthinking
    • Procrastination
    • Difficulties with motivation/concentration
    • Study choice/Reorientation
    • Exam fear/Fear of public speaking

    Perhaps you are struggling with other (psychological) complaints or problems than the ones listed above. A meeting with a student psychologist can also be the starting point to find the right service for you.

    Take a look at the support offer of CAW, CGG and BRUCC as well!

    Sessions in English


    What can you expect from an intake session?

    During an intake session of 50 minutes the student psychologist explores together with you your guiding question and what could be of help to you.

    It’s possible that you already got the help you needed during the intake session. In case of need for extra support, individual guidance can be started with the student psychologist or you can be referred to more fitting external aid.

    What can you expect from further individual guidance?

    Do you start individual guidance with the student psychologist? A maximum of 8 guiding sessions of each 50 minutes can be planned in. Still in need of further follow-up sessions afterwards? In that case there is the possibility to plan in follow-up sessions of 25 minutes or referral to more fitting external aid can be reassessed.

    Plan in your intake session below:

     ! These sessions will be held in English. If you want an appointment with a Dutch-speaking psychologist, please book your appointment via our Dutch website.

    Frequently asked questions

    How much does an appointment cost?

    Nothing! The whole support offer of Study Guidance is free for all VUB students.

    “To talk in confidence” … what does that exactly mean?

    Student psychologists have professional secrecy. This means that we cannot share information with others (parents, professors, etc.) unless we get explicit permission of the student. In the framework of ‘shared professional secrecy of psychologists’, psychologists are allowed to discuss confidential data together to improve the efficiency of their guidance work.

    Who do I end up with when booking an intake conversation?

    A whole team of student psychologists is ready to support you. This is our team: Aurora, Brenda, Debbi, Fran, Johanna, Katrien, Kelly, Linda, Lydia, Naomi or Rebecca. When booking an appointment, you will be randomly assigned to one of them. All student psychologists treat all topics. Of course, everyone has their own personal style and we know that it’s important to make a connection. That’s why you are welcome to indicate if you would rather be guided by a different student psychologist.

    Where do the conversations take place?

    When booking an appointment, you can indicate whether you would like to have a conversation on campus Etterbeek, on campus Jette or online via Microsoft Teams. You will find the exact location details in your confirmation email which you will receive right after booking an appointment. Please read these instructions carefully.

    For future appointments, you'll always be able to choose to have the session online or on campus. You can discuss these options after your first appointment with your psychologist.

    Is there a waiting time?

    Depending on the period, there can be a waiting time for the intake meeting.
    Some tips:

    • Check the different appointment tools; online and on campus.
    • Keep an eye on the appointment tool on a regular basis. Sometimes, new free time slots become available.

    In between the intake meeting and the start of individual guidance, there is no waiting time. We’re trying to make sure that regular guiding sessions are possible for every student.

    Who can make an appointment?

    All VUB students that are enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s, or preparatory programme can make an appointment.

    Of course, future VUB students are also welcome. For example, are you eyeing up the VUB but are you still in doubt whether to go for it or not? Than we can talk about your study choice together.

    Are you a PhD student? Then you can use the same mental health services as employees.

    “I’m not sure if you’ll be able to help me with my problems…”

    No problem! Just book an intake session and we will look into your guiding question together and take a look at what type of support would best fit your needs.

    How can I cancel my booked appointment?

    If you can no longer attend the booked appointment, we ask you to cancel in time. That way, other students can plan in an appointment as well.

    Go to the bottom of your confirmation email and click on the Dutch link “Uw afspraak wijzigen”. Via this link you’ll be forwarded to the Bookings page where you can cancel or reschedule (= verplaatsen) your appointment.

    Where can I ask other questions?

    Send an email to guidance@vub.be . We will answer your question within 3 workdays.