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    Looking for a student job? You can find all available student jobs on the Job Board VUB. You can browse the database by selecting different selection criteria.

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    You can also contact temporary recruitment agencies in Brussels (or the city where you live) in your search for a student job (e.g. Adecco, Tempo-Team, Randstad, t-interim, etc.). If you look for ‘interim’ in a search engine robot, you will find several agencies.

    Administrative steps

    You found an interesting job vacancy on the Job Board VUB? This is how you apply.

    How to apply

    Did you find a vacancy that matches your profile? You can  apply for the selected student job by selecting ‘apply for this job’. Afterwards, you need to provide personal details: your name and surname, student number, e-mail address, study programme and whether are not you are a VUB student. Please indicate if you are a PhD student and/or a non-EEA student: there are strict regulations that determine whether you can work as a job student.

    Applying for a job at the VUB? Upload your resume (CV) and a valid student@work attestation. A motivation letter is optional.

    Applying for a job outside of the VUB? Upload your resume (CV). A motivation letter and a valid student@work attestation is optional.

    Student @ work attestation

    If you have an e-ID card and an e-ID-reader, you can download your student[at]work attestation via mysocialsecurity.be. You can use the computers with e-ID readers in the lobby of building P (building where the student jobs team is located). If you don’t have an e-ID card, you can contact the National Social Security Office and request a token or login with a password.

    A student(at)work-attestation is only valid for 3 months. Make sure you always provide a valid attestation.

    Application process

    Did you apply for a job at the VUB? Your application will go directly to the service/department/faculty of the VUB that is looking for a student. This service/department/faculty will decide whether you are invited for a job interview.

    Did you apply for a job outside the VUB?  Your application will go directly to a colleague of Student jobs to verify whether your profile meets the requirements. If you are a PhD student or a non-EEA-student, Student jobs will verify whether you meet the regulations to work as a job student. If so, you will receive the contact information of the employer. It is the employer who decides if you will get an invitation for a job interview.

    Drafting employment contract

    Working as a job student at the VUB? The service/department/faculty of the VUB where you work, is responsible for providing your student employment contract. You will receive your pay slips electronically through the online Basware platform. Questions regarding your employment contract or your salary? Contact VUB-department where you are employed or the HR-department of the VUB.

    Working as a job student outside the VUB? The employer is responsible for providing a valid student employment contract. In case of any problem with your student employment contract or your salary, you should contact the HR-department of the company/organization you are working for.

    Any questions?

    Contact Student jobs or read the manual.

    Who can work as a student?

    To work as a student in Belgium, you must meet certain conditions. 

    You can work with a student employment contract:

    • if studying is your main activity and any job is clearly a subordinate activity.
    • if you are not working when you are supposed to be attending classes.


    You are no longer considered a student:

    • if you have been working for 12 months or more at the same employer. Once these 12 months have passed, you can no longer perform a student job for this employer. However, you can still work for another employer with a student employment contract.
    • if studying is not your main activity (e.g. if you are attending evening classes, after your work, as an employee.

    Depending on your nationality, a work permit may be required!

    Work permit C

    Specific regulations for PhD students

    • PhD students with a scholarship normally cannot work in a student job. Students who have a scholarship subject to social security (RSZ) deductions cannot work. Even in the case of students holding a scholarship not subject to social security contributions, often one of the conditions of the scholarship is that the student is not permitted to work.
    • Self-supporting PhD students not holding a scholarship may work in a student job. Non-EEA students must have a work permit C in order to work during the academic year.
    • PhD students who receive a salary and are officially regarded as employees, not as students, may not work in a student job.

    Social security & taxes

    In doubt if you should pay social security contributions or taxes? Certain measures were taken to exempt most student labour from paying taxes. 

    Social security contributions

    In principle, all employees, including students, must pay social security contributions to the National Social Security Office (NSSO) in order to finance health insurance, holiday pay, etc.

    As a student you receive each calendar year a set of 475 hours during which you can work only paying a solidarity premium of the social security contributions. This means that you are exempt from normal social security contributions during your first 475 hours of student employment.

    Paying taxes

    In April or May, international students who are registered in the foreigner’s register at the city hall will most likely receive a tax form from the Federal Public Service Finance. This individual income tax return relates to the income of the previous calendar year.

    Whether you should pay income taxes in Belgium depends on how much you have earned (in the previous calendar year). If your income remains under a certain amount, you will not have to pay taxes.

    You have to file this tax return, even if you have not earned any income in Belgium or if your income is well below the taxable amount.

    Note! In case you plan to leave Belgium before the tax form has arrived, and you expect a tax refund, you should contact the local tax office and ask for a form that will permit you to declare your income in advance.


    Looking for a job? Student jobs can help in your search for a student job and provides information and advice about legal aspects. The earnings from student jobs should be considered as a supplementary source of income, not as main financial means for living in Belgium!

    Student jobs

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    Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus
    Opening hours
    Monday until Friday, 1.30 pm - 5 pm

    + 32 2 629 23 15 (Tuesday to Friday, 9 am - 12 pm)


    Student jobs

    Medical library

    Brussels Health Campus
    Opening hours
    Tuesday from 9.30 AM until 1 PM

    + 32 2 629 23 15 (Tuesday to Friday, 9 am - 12 pm)



    The VUB approaches diversity in society in a positive way, which reflects in our study programmes, student affairs and human resources management. We guarantee we offer equal opportunities for all and we don’t discriminate based on gender, social or ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability.

    Consequentially we neither accept job vacancies nor search for student-employees based on discriminatory criteria.