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    Election week 2020

    The student council changes every academic year. From 27 April until 4 May all VUB students choose their student representatives. Keep an eye on the Facebookpage and Instagram of the student council for more updates.

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    Will you become a member of the Student Council?

    The student council members play an important role at the VUB. They are involved in large councils such as the academic council and university council and they can take decisions together with the rector, deans and staff of the VUB. Maybe you'll have a seat in the student council soon. That's not only an asset for the university, but for you as a person as well. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about meeting skills, timemanagement, building networks en defending opinions.

    Come defend our students' interests in the student council

    Support for student representatives

    As a student representative you're not on your own. We support you on different levels:

    • Jobstudents who arrange practical work and prepare files with research for example.
    • Coaching and support from the vice rectorate.
    • Opportunity to receive a scholarship for student representatives, 500 euros on an annual basis. You can find the conditions on the page of study finance.

    What's in it for you?

    • A unique learning process in terms of meeting skills, time management, teamwork...
    • A unique opportunity to develop a network within the university
    • And even a unique chance to build friendships for life

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    Candidates 2020-2021

    The 2020-2021 candidates have been announced! There are 28 candidates this year. Wondering who? Discover all the names below.

    Dominique Surinx (PE)

    Liesl Kristel De Pauw (PE)

    Charles Osas Ogiesoba (ES)

    Josefine Fee Zintel (PE)

    Sueann Jeaninne Vandeputte (RC)

    Suzan de Hoog (PE)

    Yorben Van de Weghe (LW)

    Jolien Lersberghe (GF)

    Caitlin Jansen (GF)

    Jonnick Constantijn Fonke (ES)

    Darya Shkarupina (ES)

    Sofiia Alieva (ES)

    Lio Eggers (GF)

    Michaël Van den Poel (RC)

    Audrey Devos (GF)

    Sander Wouters (ES)

    Lisa Elizabeth Ashley Jongmans (ES)

    Viktor Laurens De Groote (IR)

    Sasha Solau (ES)

    Ruben Simons (IR)

    Lula Maris (LW)

    Emanuel Leonardus Ost (ES)

    Hadiye Ilayda Ergin (ES)

    Anouk Antonia Haenen (RC)

    Stefanie Mulder (LW)

    Arno Van de Bruaene (ES)

    Fatimzahra Belaidi Zine (ES)

    Brent Huygh (ES)

    Campaign week 2020

    From 27 April until 4 May you'll get to know the candidates. During the campaign week they will tell you who they are and what they want to accomplish as a student council member.

    Dominique Surinx - Faculteit PE

    Better Together #AllofUs

    1. I want to dedicate myself to the psychological well-being of students.
    2. Bringing students together in an assertive and empathic way so that we as a team, a school, can represent all our students.
    3. Recordings of all subjects before noon.
    4. Launch of an online platform of the VUB where all VUB'ers can give their feedback, comments, remarks....
    5. Good communication between faculty, professionals and students.

    Liesl De Pauw - Faculteit PE

    Contribute to a better VUB!      

    1. Certificates for volunteer work.
    2. Make the appeal procedure and binding conditions better known.        
    3. Listening to the needs of all students and accompanying them with projects.           
    4. Obtain a more environmentally friendly campus.          
    5. Use empty spaces for the mass block, circle rooms and chillplaces for all students.

    Charles Ogiesoba - Faculteit ES

    I want to join the student council so that I can be able to represent the interests of the students very well before the university.

    1. To assist students with hostel accommodation problems.
    2. To organise orientation workshops, seminars, entertainment and sports.
    3. To make necessary adjustments on lectures timetable and exam methods.
    4. To provide guidance  and assistance to international students.
    5. To help student council and the VUB achieve its aims and objectives.

    Josefine Fee - Faculteit PE

    More exchange, more room for discussion, fewer multiple choice questions and more dialogue!      

    1. Smaller groups in group work. 
    2. More room for questions and discussion during the lessons since the first semester.
    3. Adapt the examination form (multiple choice questions) mainly in philosophical subjects.
    4. Increased contact and exchange between students from the same and different faculties instead of anonymity.            
    5. More free lockers for all students.                                                    .

    Sueann Vandeputte - Faculteit RC

    It's okay to dream, but it's even better to realize it.

    1. As a student representative I am in front of the first helpline in case of complaints and questions from students and then pass these on to the right authorities.
    2. Promoting the interests of students by ensuring that regulations are not adversely affected.
    3. Trying to obtain the educational leave for working students in Brussels.
    4. More benches and hanging spots in different places on VUB.
    5. Trying to realize all your suggestions.

    Suzan de Hoog - Faculteit PE

    I am in favour of a more sustainable VUB, with special attention for cyclists!

    1. More covered bicycle parking spaces.
    2. Aim for a Zero Waste VUB.
    3. A transport plan around the VUB, with more attention to pedestrians, commuters, cyclists...
    4. A green campus.
    5. Make more use of the students right of participation.

    Yorben Van de Weghe - Faculteit LW

    Always follow your instincts. That's when the wisest decisions are made.

    1. Commit to a more ecological campus.
    2. Support students on both mental and physical level.
    3. Offer more relaxation options for the students.
    4. Making less popular courses of study more attractive.
    5. Better communication between faculty and students.


    Jolien Lersberghe - Faculteit GF

    Today, the university, tomorrow – the world.

    1. There are currently none or few Erasmus opportunities for some courses, and this should change.
    2. I want to work towards a safer campus.
    3. I want to carry on with my projects to make the campus more ecological.
    4. Increase the capacity and efficiency of the student restaurant.
    5. Improve student participation for better cooperation between students and student councils.

    Caitlin Jansen - Faculteit GF

    “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ―Nelson Mandela

    1. I aim for a CO2-neutral campus.
    2. I want to strive for better relations between the Flemish and international students.
    3. I want more VUB and less separation between the campuses.
    4. Personal situations have to be taken into consideration when applying mandatory conditions.
    5. More fun activities for everyone.

    Jonnick Fonke - Faculteit ES

    Co-create our VUB

    1. Increase the capacity of the student restaurant.
    2. Improve the accessibility and visibility of the campus.
    3. Providing bathroom facilities after closing time.
    4. A certificate of extracurricular qualifications such as participation in a student association, programme council, faculty council...
    5. More public spaces in which one can withdraw quietly, make group tasks or simply relax for a while.            

    Darya Shkarupina - Faculteit ES

    You will think about what you did wrong when you will retire, so now do not be scared to do and to fail

    1. Safety on our campus.
    2. Extend facilities in student housing.      
    3. More English representation on campus and in VUB social media for international students.
    4. Better explanations and help for international students in term of their arrival in Brussels.
    5. More places on campus for group studying and hanging out with your friends, Creating Safe Spaces on campus.

    Sofiia Alieva - Faculteit ES

    By listening to students, we can do so much together. For healthy students. For diversity. For a better VUB.

    1. International Affairs.
    2. Conferences.
    3. Safe campus.
    4. Entertainment.
    5. Convenient Services.

    Lio Eggers - Faculteit GF

    "Yes we can"

    1. Introduce the VUB students as much as possible to the student council: who we are, what we do and what we can do for the VUB students.          
    2. Optimization of the student facilities.   
    3. Bringing back Student Kick-off on Campus Jette!
    4. Healthier snacks in the vending machines.         

    Listening to the students!          

    Michaël Van den Poel - Faculteit RC

    Work together for a modern VUB!

    1. The old Cali/Selfservice needs to be made more user-friendly so that registration can also be done without stress and a trip to the helpdesk.
    2. Making sure there is a good infrastructure and facilities to make sure students are happy.
    3. Results will be sent out to the students as fast as possible.
    4. More bicycle sheds for (shared) bikes and scooters, a Villo! station on the campus. A bridge that connects the campus directly to the platform at Etterbeek station so you'll never miss the train again.
    5. The values of our university must be the basis of the policy and must be respected. Students must come into contact with these values during lessons.

    Audrey Devos - Faculteit GF

    Yes We Can – The Voice of Jette

    1. I would like to continue my involvement to fully realize the vending wall in Jette.
    2. To realize the Kick-off in Jette, for which we have started the logistic arrangements already this year.
    3. To inform students as clearly as possible about the repercussions, to recognize the educational requirements and to implement any changes as smoothly as possible.
    4. Looking at options to make Erasmus possible for the students of Medicine.
    5. To approach all existing regulations and new ideas as critically as possible and to meet the needs of the VUB student as much as possible.                         

    Sander Wouters - Faculteit ES

    A happier time at the VUB for both new and old students!

    1. More support for student organisations.
    2. Improving and integrating the IT-infrastructure into one platform.
    3. Making administrative procedures easier, more transparant and faster.                    
    4. More recorded classes for all study fields.

    Lisa Jongmans - Faculteit ES

    Co-create our VUB

    1. Make the education and examination regulations clear to everyone.
    2. Strive for a more sustainable life at VUB, starting with the student restaurant and student life.
    3. Reserving the old student rooms on campus Etterbeek for student-related facilities.
    4. See what the options are for the renovation of the library Etterbeek and increase the number of seats.
    5. Support students from the education council through communication from our side: how can you contribute to the improvement of your education? How do you actually protect the interests of your fellow students?        

    Viktor De Groote - Faculteit IR

    Together we create the VUB of tomorrow, today.

    1. A greener VUB and future-proof thinking.
    2. Make the student council and other decision making bodies more approachable. 
    3. Better communication from VUB.          
    4. More attention for stress management and mental health of students.
    5. Creating more (mass) block space and hang-out areas.               

    Sasha Solau - Faculteit ES

    Lets create a community where students, staff and alumni can develop their talents and exchange their knowledge together.

    1. Better communication between students and the administration of the VUB.
    2. Improved timetables for classes and examinations.
    3. Implementing new educational techniques through blended learning.
    4. Create a university where every student can discover and develop their own talents.
    5. Contribute to a policy to keep students active and healthy during their years at the VUB.

    Ruben Simons

    Yes, we can vote to improve our student time.

    1. Arrange class schedules so that you can go out and recharge your batteries without having to skip classes.            
    2. Bringing students in touch with their future profession, so that they have a clear goal in mind.
    3. Provide guidance to professors.
    4. Provide first year students with a buddy as much as possible, so that they are able to ask questions.
    5. Organize interviews among students and, in case of problems, ensure quick (small) improvements.    

    Brent Huygh - Faculteit ES

    For an inclusive and fair university

    1. No more tests for testing the knowledge of future students.
    1. Being a reliable contact point for fellow students.
    2. Highlight the student area: many students do not know Brussels very well.
    1. Preventing the commercialization of parts of university life.
    2. Improve pathways (including those to the tram stop).

    Lula Maris - Faculteit LW

    Diverse, inclusive and straightforward ... Hand in hand with VUB

    1. Fight against racism, sexism and discrimination
    2. More attention for independent journalism on campus.            
    3. A place on campus where students can sit down en drink an affordable drink.
    4. A psychological team on campus, next to tutoring, for students who really don't have any idea what or how.
    5. Working on more tolerance among students towards each other.

    Emanuel Ost - Faculteit ES

    Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realise you're already in heaven now

    1. I stand for a supportive, cooperative environment where people help and guide each other, follow their dreams to find and strive in their passions.
    2. I stand for transparency and unity.
    3. I would like to work on the relationship between local and international students, having the relationship between the two can be ameliorated.
    4. I had to integrate to Belgian living styles myself, as I moved here five years ago, as a result I have found a middle ground between me and the Belgians and I believe I can play a critical role in helping others breach that gap too.
    5. I want to see initiative on both ends, foreigners going out of their way to take initiative and to bring forth to Belgians what amazing people there are amongst the foreign students, for once again a more transparent & open environment.   

    Hadiye Ergin - Faculteit ES

    Let's make next year the best one yet!

    1. We are the same. No separation. Equality for everyone. ''Same tuition fee for everyone''.
    2. Answer to your questions was not clear by the student service? Not anymore, let's make everything clear for everyone!
    3. I am here, not only helping but also solving your issues. I will involve and won’t let go no matter what!
    4. Do you need more support for your studies? Let's push Study Guidance together for help!
    5. Details matter: Let's repair hand dryer, more tab to drink water, more sandwiches for lunch!

    Anouk Haenen - Faculteit RC

    Let's do the unthinkable together!         

    1. Make second-hand manuals available to students.
    2. More public study and meeting rooms.
    3. Ensuring that students are made aware of the impact of their voice in interactive ways and that it is important.
    4. Have the extra-curricular activities promoted and encouraged by professors and the university.
    5. Increased services for students around psychological well-being.

    Stefania Mulder - Faculteit LW

    The VUB feels like a second home to me and I want to share that feeling with everyone.         

    1. I stand for internationalisation, ecology and education.
    2. I want to work on student facilities and extra-curricular competence certificates.
    3. More activities such as food stalls and second-hand sale of books, vinyl or clothing.
    4. More spaces to play ping-pong, work on group work or sit down and have fun.
    5. More support for students with a different program.

    Arno Van de Bruaene - Faculteit ES

    Luck is where opportunity meets perseverance

    1. Integration.
    2. Communication.
    3. Opportunities for success.
    4. VUB community.
    5. Dedication.

    Fatimzahra Zine - Faculteit ES

    If you think good is not enough, you know what to do. Vote now, thank me later.

    1. Live tracking of availability of study places
    2. More lecture recordings to encourage students
    3. Ensuring of everyone’s safety at the VUB, especially women’s 
    4. Recreational space during blok
    5. More diverse and healthy food at the VUB + more vegan options

    Elected students 2020

    Fatimzahra Belaidi Zine (ES)
    Audrey Devos (GF)
    Jolien Lersberghe (GF) 
    Sueann Jeaninne Vandeputte (RC)
    Lio Eggers (GF)
    Caitlin Jansen (GF)
    Michaël Van den Poel (RC)
    Sander Wouters (ES)
    Lula Maris (LW)
    Anouk Antonia Haenen (RC)
    Sasha Solau (ES)
    Liesl Kristel De Pauw (PE)
    Dominique Surinx (PE)
    Lisa Elizabeth Ashley Jongmans (ES)
    Jonnick Constantijn Fonke (ES)
    Ruben Simons (IR)
    Suzan de Hoog (PE)
    Viktor Laurens De Groote (IR)
    Yorben Van de Weghe (LW)
    Brent Huygh (ES)

    It is possible to submit an appeal until Wednesday 6 May (4 p.m.) against the voting operations and the counting of the votes to
    the Secretariat of the Council (studentenverkiezingen@vub.be).

    Secretariat of the councils

    Is something not entirely clear about the procedure? Not sure if you can vote? The Secretariat of the councils is happy to help.



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