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    Election week 2020

    The student council changes every academic year. That's why we organise an election week after spring break. From 27 April until 4 May all VUB students choose their student representatives. Do you want to represent your fellow students and their rights? Then apply for candidate!

    General regulations Student Council and Council for Student Services

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    Will you become a member of the Student Council?

    The student council members play an important role at the VUB. They are involved in large councils such as the academic council and university council and they can take decisions together with the rector, deans and staff of the VUB. Maybe you'll have a seat in the student council soon. That's not only an asset for the university, but for you as a person as well. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about meeting skills, timemanagement, building networks en defending opinions.

    Support for student representatives

    As a student representative you're not on your own. We support you on different levels:

    • Jobstudents who arrange practical work and prepare files with research for example.
    • Coaching and support from the vice rectorate.
    • Opportunity to receive a scholarship for student representatives, 500 euros on an annual basis. You can find the conditions on the page of study finance.

    What's in it for you?

    • A unique learning process in terms of meeting skills, time management, teamwork...
    • A unique opportunity to develop a network within the university
    • And even a unique chance to build friendships for life

    Who, what, how?

    All information about Student Council

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    Candidates 2020-2021

    As of 10 March 2020 you'll get to know which candidates you can vote for.

    Campaign week 2020

    From 27 April until 4 May you'll get to know the candidates. During the campaign week they will tell you who they are and what they want to accomplish as a student council member.

    Elected students 2020

    Check out the results of the student elections as of 11 May 2020.

    Secretariat of the councils

    Is something not entirely clear about the procedure? Not sure if you can vote? The Secretariat of the councils is happy to help.



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