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    Would you like to continue your study programme, e.g. from the first year to the second year of the bachelor Social Sciences? In that case you can re-enroll. Do you want to start the master after having finished the preparatory programme? A continuation programme is taken for a 'new programme' and you must apply for that programme.

    Deadlines for (re-)enrolment

    • 8 October 2018 for the 1st semester
    • 15 February 2019 for the 2nd semester

    Icon for 're-enrollment' in
    the Student SelfService.


    Wait for the e-mail that will be sent to you by the Education and Student Administration after your proclamation. After having received this e-mail:

    1. Go to your Student SelfService
    2. Log in with your NetID
    3. Click the button 're-enrollment'
    4. Indicate the programme you wish to re-enrol in and click 'continue'.
      ! The programme you want to re-enrol in is not indicated in the list? Then you cannot re-enrol in it and you must apply for it (see below at 'enrollment in a new programme')
    5. You are now on the introduction page of a mandatory questionnaire. If you click 'next', the questions will start.
    6. After the questionnaire, you will see the privacy preferences and the contract. Tick the box' 'schrijf mij in (translated: enroll me)' and click 'submit' once.
      ! Would you like to change from day to evening classes (only possible for programmes also being taught in the evening/weekend)? If so, first re-enrol and then fill out the form 'enrollment Working and studying' and hand it in at the Education and Student Administration.

    You are now re-enroled.

    Icon for 'new application' in
    the Student SelfService.

    Enrolment in a new programme

    For a new programme you must apply via the Student SelfService.

    1. Log in with your NetID
    2. Click the button 'new application' 
    3. Go through all the tabs and at 'program selection' choose the programme of your choice.
    4. At 'confirm programme' click the icon for completing in order to send in your application.
    5. Confirm when you are asked if you are sure about submitting

    You will receive a confirmation of submitting your application on screen. You will receive status updates for your application per email in the next (working)days.

    Are you new to the VUB? Welcome!

    Are you interested in studying at the Vrije Universteit Brussel?

    You have a non-Flemish diploma and would like to come and study at the VUB? In a nutshell:

    You must precisely follow the order of the steps: you can not skip a step

    1. submit an online application to request admission for a study programma at the VUB
      --> If you are admitted you will receive a conditional letter of acceptance. Once you have received this letter -->
    2. make an appointment to register in person on the VUB campus
    3. sign the enrollment contract online
      --> after signing the enrollment contract you create your VUB NetID and register your courses

    All information about how to become a student at the VUB is available via the dedicated pages about applying and enrollment.

    Student card and certificates

    After you have (re-)enroled you will receive a student card and enrolment certificates.

    Home address in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France or Luxembourg?

    You will receive your student card and certificates within the next three weeks by post.

    No home address in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France or Luxembourg?

    In that case your student card and enrolment certificates will not be sent by post. You will receive an email with a reference number and with this you must personally come by the front desk of the Education and Student Administration. You can find the contact details and opening hours here.

    Lost your student card? Need an enrollment certificate, study curriculum or proof of payment?

    Request them online and receive them by post

    or stop by the front desk


    Which certificates are being delivered and by which service?

    Public transport

    For buying a subscription for public transport at the student rate you need a registration certificate from the VUB. You will obtain this as follows:

    • current VUB-student: together with your new student card you will receive registration certificates.
      ! Should you urgently need a registration certificate, you can come to the Education and Student Administration for this. Of course you need to be (re)enrolled in order to get a registration certificate.
    • new VUB student: You will receive attestation for public transport (SNCB (train), STIB (metro, tram, bus in Brussels, ect.) during your registration on campus. 
      ! Did your application and registration take place entirely online? You will receive registration certificates together with your student card. ! Should you urgently need a registration certificate, you can come to the Education and Student Administration for this.

    Transcript of records

    A transcript of records will only be available once the Examination Board has been convened, and has discussed your examination results. Your official transcript, including the examination results of each course as well as the proclamation code, can then be downloaded via the Student SelfService.

    ! In January a transcript of records will only be available for students graduating in January.

    If there is no transcript of records available for you yet, but you do need an official transcript of records, please contact your faculty.

    Requesting (extra) attestation

    Are you in need of extra or other certificates? Or did you lose your student card? In the schema below click the certificate you would like to request. On the right it shows how you can request it.

    Tuition fee

    From the time of enrolment you owe tuition fee to the VUB.

    You will receive the invoice in the inbox of your VUB email.

    Calculation of your tuition fee

    The tuition fee consists of a fixed amount and a variable amount:

    • the fixed amount is a fixed cost which is paid once per academic year
    • the variable amount is a specific amount per ECTS credit in your year programme.

    The tuition fee = the fixed amount + (the variable amount x the number of registered ECTS credits).

    The amount that you will pay for the fixed and the variable amount depends, among other things, on:

    • the programme you enrol in;
    • your nationality (EEA or non-EEA);
    • the number of ECTS credits that you register for;
    • whether or not you are a scholarship student;
    • the type of contract you have: a credit, exam or diploma contract 

    Tuition fees

    Example tuition fee calculation (2018-2019)

    A non-EEA student who enrols for the Master of Science in Management (incl. the preparatory programme of 18 credits) for 78 ECTS credits in total will need to pay € 3.400,00 with the calculation as follows: €1450,00 (fixed amount) + €25,00 (variable amount) * 78 ECTS.

    The rules that apply to the tuition fees, can be consulted in the Teaching and examination regulations 2018-2019 (see from article 'calculation of tuition fees').

    Amendments that affect your tuition fee

    Changes to your programme in the course of the academic year might have an impact on the calculation of your tuition fee. Click on the button to have more information about a certain topic.

    More about the tuition fee

    Click on the button to have more information about a certain topic.


    It is important that your personal information in the Student SelfService is correct. This will appear on your diploma and determines how the VUB communicates with you.

    How to manage your personal information in Student SelfService?

    In the Student SelfService, you can view your personal data and also change some data yourself. To view your data, navigate via ‘Personal information’ to the tab 'Personal information'.

    Some data, such as your home address, can not be changed

    A number of data, such as your name, date of birth, nationality and your home address, cannot be modified. If these data are incorrect, you can contact the Education and Student Administration.


    You cannot change your home address (1) yourself. Please contact the Education and Student Administration via e-mail.

    In addition to your home address, you can add another address (e.g. your student's apartment address) to your data. To add an address, click 'Add a new address' (2). You can choose the date from which the new address will apply. Then click 'Save'.

    To edit an address, click 'Edit address' and then 'OK'. 

    Note: your correspondence will always be sent to your home address.

    Telephone numbers

    You can add a telephone number by clicking 'Add telephone number' and then 'Save'. You can also edit an incorrect telephone number or delete a telephone number.

    VUB correspondence will always be sent to your VUB e-mail.

    E-mail addresses

    You can add a personal e-mail address by clicking 'Add e-mail address'. You can edit an e-mail address by directly changing it in the e-mail address column. You can also delete an e-mail address added. Note: VUB correspondence will always be sent to your VUB e-mail. You can easily set a "forward" so that all your university e-mail is automatically forwarded to another address (instructions).

    Emergency contact

    In this tab, you can enter the data for one or more contacts to be contacted in the event of an emergency. To add a new person, click 'Add emergency contact'. If the contact can be reached at your address or has the same telephone number, you can check the box ‘Same address as individual’ or ‘Same telephone as individual’.

    Preferred language

    In addition to your personal data, you can set your preferred language. This will be taken into account, wherever possible, for all communications. However, deviations are possible. You can choose between Dutch or English.

    You can navigate through Main Menu> Self Service> Campus Personal Information> Communication Preferences:

    Select the desired language (Dutch or English) and press 'Save':

    If you have problems managing your personal data, you can contact the Education and Student Administration.


    You can change your study programme, register extra courses, cancel courses or terminate your studies at the VUB. Please keep in mind the deadlines, the necessary steps and the possible consequences.

    Talk about your choice of studies, desired changes or doubts?

    Do you doubt your study choice and are you thinking of doing something else? Please check the reorientation page or contact the VUB Study Guidance.

    Do you experience your study programme as 'too heavy'? Or do you have the idea that you want to include more courses? You can also go for advice at VUB Study Guidance.

    Steps to change and reorientate

    This page directs you to the administrative steps you need to take in order to change your registration.

    Click the buttons below for more information.


    When you think about terminating your studies, please consider the consequences on tuition fees, child allowance and scholarships, and learning account. It is important for your further study career to take the necessary administrative steps on time.

    Attention! Discontinuation of the programme is not possible from 15 May until the end of the academic year (VUB Teaching and Examination Regulations, article  'Discontinuation of the programme').

    Consequences on tuition fees

    Reimbursement of (a part of) your tuition fee depends on the amount already paid and the time of termination:

    • Discontinuation up to and including 30 November:

         Reimbursement of the full tuition fee minus the fixed amount.

    • Discontinuation from 1 December until 15 March (included):

         Reimbursement of the tuition fee paid for second semester courses.

    • Discontinuation as of 16 March:

         The full tuition fee remains due to the VUB.

    Discontinuation of your studies does not release you from your financial obligations to the VUB. The tuition fee due at the time of terminating your studies remains payable and you will need to pay this.

    Consequences on childcare and scholarships

    Quitting your studies may affect your entitlement to childcare benefits and scholarships. For advice, you can contact your child allowance institution and your contact person at the scholarship programme.

    Consequences on learning account

    Information about the consequences of terminating your studies can be found on the learning account page. For advice, please contact your learning path counselor.

    Important administrative steps

    Are you stopping your current programme in order to enrol in an other VUB-programme? If yes, have a look at the information here.

    If you completely want to terminate your enrolment at the VUB follow these next steps:


    The Education and Student Administration manages the administrative details of VUB students.

    Request an attestation

    via the online form

    Book an appointment with us on Thursday between 4PM-6PM

    via the online agenda
    Opening hours
    Monday until Thursday

    Front desk
    10 AM till 2 PM

    By phone +32 2 614 86 86
    9 AM till 1 PM

    Closure 24 Dec 18 - 11 Jan 19

    Closed during the winter holiday and the first two weeks of January 2019.
    Emails are followed up
    Documents can be delivered in the mailbox
    Back open from Monday 14 January 2019.

    Visitors address
    Pleinlaan 9 (ground floor) -
    1050 Brussels

    Postal address
    Pleinlaan 2 - 1050 Brussels


    Our mailbox is located at the entrance of our office (inside the building).

    You can deposit documents for signature / for your file in our mailbox. ! Do not deposit money or training vouchers. ! Depositing at your own risk.