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    Contact your new learning path counselor

    If you want to start a new programme at the VUB it is important that you contact the learning path counselor of your new programme as soon as possible.

    During a conversation with your new learning path counselor you will go over all relevant topics:

    • the consequences for your learning account and tuition fee
    • how to cancel your current programme and enrol in the new one 
    • your new study path and possible exemptions

    Implications of changing your programme

    Changing your programme might have implications for your tuition fee, child benefits and scholarship and learning account.

    Tuition fee

    • 1 December: changing your programme at the VUB is possible without incurring additional tuition fees if you do this before 1 December.
    • 1 March: in case you only started in the second semester you can change programme without incurring additional tuition fees before 1 March.

    ! If the credits in your new programme exceed your initial number of credits, additional tuition fees will be charged.

    For more info contact the Education and Student Administration

    Child benefits and scholarship

    If you start another VUB programme, this may affect your entitlement to child benefits and your scholarship from the Flemish Community. For more information on this matter, you can contact Social legal & financial support, your child benefits institution or your scholarship institution.

    Learning account

    Changing your registration may affect your learning account.

    For more information contact your learning path counselor.