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    Apply as a working student

    The student administration for working students differs from that of regular students. What is important to know?

    Apply as a working student

    All practical information on how to apply and enrol can be found via the 'how to enrol' webpage. 

    Our tips for your online application:

    1. On the page 'program selection' under 'working and studying' you indicate whether or not you want to follow evening classes. You also need to indicate whether or not you will combine your studies with your job.


    2. When you choose 'evening or weekend classes' in the application at 'program selection', you will only be able to choose from programmes that are being taught in the evening or weekend.

    3. By choosing 'evening or weekend classes' and indicating what is applicable to you at 'proof of employment/recipient of social security benefit, I solemnly swear' you directly request the statute of evening/working student.

    4. In case you want to follow day classes, select 'day' and choose 'not applicable' at 'work situation'.

    5. If during the course of the academic year you decide to follow evening classes, you should use the form 'Working and studying'.


    As an evening/working student you will have the possibility to modify your work situation before re-enrolling via the Student SelfService. 

    E.g. If during the year you go from 4/5th employment to 1/3rd employment, you will be able to modify that in your Student SelfService.

    General information

    Tuition fees

    Training vouchers & SME portfolio

    How to pay your tuition fee?

    Facilities for working students

    There are some measures to make the combination of work and study feasible and affordable. Most famous are the paid educational leave system, the time credit leave system, and training vouchers.

    Depending on your status, there are several opportunities that can help you.

    Paid educational leave
    and time credit

    Private sector

    Training leave
    and career break

    Public sector

    Studying with
    unemployment benefits

    Job seekers

    Training vouchers & SME portfolio

    How to pay your tuition fee?

    Timetables and Exam schedules

    Classes for working students take place on weekday evenings and on Saturday. Here's where you can find your course and exam schedules.

    Where and when are my classes?

    You can find your timetables on the timetables & exam schedules page. There are also faculty-specific timetables on each faculty's page.

    Some programmes combine courses from different faculties. If you can't find a course on a faculty's page, you can search by the course's name.

    It is recommended to check your timetables daily. In exceptional circumstances, professors may change classrooms or cancel courses up to a day before the original schedule.

    Reading the timetable

    Timetables for working students are displayed between 5 PM and 10 PM on weekdays. Course units that are taught on Saturday will often be held during the day, so remember to check the timetables from 8 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays.

    Last but not least, pay attention to the weeks in which the classes will be held. You can find the numbering of the weeks in the academic year calendar.

    For example, you can see how the course to the left skips a week, then two. It only takes place on week 23, from week 25 to 28 (including week 25 and 28) and from week 31 to 33.

    Exam schedules

    You can find out when and where your exams take place on the timetables & exam schedules page. There are also faculty-specific schedules on each faculty's page.

    According to the Teaching and Examination regulations, exam schedules must be posted:

    • at least 14 weeks in advance for the first examination period (January + June)
    • at least 4 weeks in advance for the second exam period (August)

    You can find out which weeks are part of the examination period in the academic year calendar.

    Browse all the courses and exams of the semester

    Timetables and Exam schedules

    Administration for working students

    As a working student, there are several forms (attendance list, form 'enrolment working and studying') you may need for your administration. You can download them from our collection of forms.

    Commonly used documents

    1. Attendance List Working Students

    • If you request Paid Educational Leave or Training Leave, you need to keep a separate attendance list ('Attendance List Working Students') for each course unit.

    2. Form for Enrolment Working and studying

    Evening hours on the campus

    VUB hosts all kinds of services dedicated to working students. Here’s what you can find open during the evening.

    Service Description
    FacultiesFaculty forms and regulations/ opening hours faculty secretariat
    Timetables and exam schedulesCourse and exam planning
    Learning path counselorsPlanning your academic path
    Education and Student AdministrationAdministrative formalities for working students,
    certificate of attendance, training vouchers
    Social legal & financial supportStudy financing, socio-legal status of working students
    Study GuidanceStudy and exam skills, anxiety, individual guidance
    Certain workshops take place in the evening
    LibraryDatabases, printed or electronic journals, books, newspapers
    Course book shopCourse books and other study material
    Regularly has extended opening hours
    ICT-HelpdeskNetID password, Wifi
    Service Now Website
    Group practice general medicineDoctor, dentist
    PhysiotherapySpine rehabilitation, sports therapy, osteopathy, ergonomic advice
    Sports departmentFitness, swimming, sports lessons, Basic-fit

    Help and advice

    Dedicating your time to both work and education can be complicated. Every employee has different schedules and needs. Don't hesitate to contact us for help.

    Finances and social status

    For everything you need to know about the status of working student, financing your education and your rights to study while you work.

    More information

    The following VUB-services and practical information will assist you in your career as a working student:

    Facilities and financial support

    Social legal & financial support

    Registration and the formalities on paid educational leave and training leave


    Options for working students and academic planning

    Learning path counselors

    General questions about studying at the VUB

    Student Information