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    Student administration for students with an exam contract

    At certain points the administration for students with an exam contract differs from that of students with a diploma contract. What is important to know?

    Apply and enrol as an exam contract student


    • A secondary education diploma is required for admission for an exam contract.


    • For first semester and full year courses you should submit the online application at the latest on the 30th of September.
    • For second semester courses you should submit the online application at the latest on the 15th of February.
    • Late applications are not accepted.

    Step 1 - Online application

    Start your online application.

    On the ‘program selection’ page, under 'choice of programme', at 'course filter', tick the box 'show the complete list of VUB courses. I am registering based on my file'.

    If you have been admitted to an exam contract with an intention to:

    • To get a diploma, sign up for the program for which you wish to graduate.
    • To obtain credits, sign up for a credit contract:

    On the next page we will ask you to upload your documents.

    • On the page 'document checklist' you should upload your identity card (front and back side), your diploma and the  request form 'enrolment with an exam contract' on which you fill out the courses you wish to take. 
    • It is important to find the name of the course, the catalog number, the semester and the faculty. You may find this information in the online study guide. The screenshot below shows you the relevant fields on the page.
    • If you want to follow courses from different faculties, you must have a form signed per faculty.

    Complete your application and submit your application on the last page by clicking the icon with the checkmark.

    Step 2 - Submit the form 'Enrolment with an exam contract' at the faculty

    The faculty will evaluate your request and will contact you in case of any issues with the chosen courses.

    Step 3 - Sign the online contract

    When you get permission to register, you will receive a link to the Student SelfService via email. You can then sign your enrolment contract online.

    • Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is currently not possible to enroll person on our campus. Your enrolment will be finalised online.

    No transcript of records

    If you are enrolled with an exam contract you will not receive a transcript of records. You can only consult your grades in the Student Selfservice.

    You can request a credit certificate (this is a written proof of taking a positive exam). You can address your request for this per email to the faculty that offers the course.

    Re-enrolling is not possible

    Re-enrolling for an exam contract is not possible. For an exam contract you must request permission again every academic year.

    Once you have the permission you can apply online via the Student Selfservice.

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