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    At certain points the administration for PhD candidates differs from that of other students. What is important?

    Enrolment during the Corona measures

    Due to the Corona measures, both your first enrolment and re-enrollment can be done online. More info can be found here.

    Do you want to register in general?

    Application program

    During the online application, fill out the pages according to the instructions in this manual (at the bottom of the 'Apply' page).

    Attention! Do you wish to enrol for an interdisciplinary doctorate? Please contact RTDO@vub.be in order to enrol in the correct doctoral program.

    Document checklist

    At the page 'document checklist' you should upload the following:


    • Passport photo
    • Proof of identity
    • Research topic and Research proposal (max. 1,5 page)
    • Document 'application form registration PhD' (without this document, your application is invalid)
    • CV
    • Diploma
    • If you are applying in the framework of a joint PhD, please mention this in the uploaded documents.
    • If you are applying at the faculty of Science and Bioengineering Sciences, please also include your transcript of records in the application.

    ! If you wish to upload multiple documents for one item, please assemble them in a single file first.
    ! Documents should, preferably, be uploaded as PDF or JPEG files, with a maximum size of 2 MB.

    Did you obtain a master diploma from a Flemish University?

    • Fill out the form 'Application for registration PhD', print it and get it signed by your supervisor and faculty (please note that the approval of the faculty is based on your research topic/proposal. Contact your faculty secretariat or your supervisor for more information).
    • To use the correct terminology concerning the name of your doctoral degree, please consult annex 1 of the Central PhD Regulations. In case you wish to start an interdisciplinary doctorate, please contact RTDO@vub.be in order to add the right designation.
    • After the document is signed by your faculty and supervisor, you can complete your registration online.


    PhD Progress Monitoring Commission advises

    The PhD Progress Monitoring Commission evaluates the annual progress made by all PhD candidates in their faculties and delivers a positive or negative advice for re-enrolment. The advice is ratified by the end of September. Following a positive advice, the Education and Student administration sends out the yearly invitation for re-enrolment per e-mail.

    Note: You have to re-enroll every academic year, not just in the year in which you plan to defend your dissertation.


    Tuition fee

    There are different conditions of tuition fee for a regular PhD and a joint PhD with an institution in or outside Flanders.

    Tuition fee 2021-2022

    • PhD’s pay € 479,60 in the first year of enrollment and in the year of defense.
    • PhD’s in a joint PhD contract with an institution outside Flanders only pay tuition fee in their year of defense.
    • PhD’s in a joint PhD contract with an institution in Flanders pay tuition fees as stipulated in their contract.

    ! The tuition fee for your PhD cannot be paid with training vouchers.

    General questions

    Student Information

    Problems with your enrolment, studentcard, certificates or invoice

    Education and Student Administration