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    Studying in special situations

    Do you have a disability, a learning disorder, a chronic illness, are you combining your studies with a full-time or part-time job, are you starting your own business, or do you perhaps find yourself in a situation that makes studying less obvious? Then you are eligible for the reflex statute.


    Reflex stands for reasonable flexibility. It involves making necessary adjustments to the teaching and examination regulations, to give an equal chance during evaluations.

    Flexibility measures are considered reasonable when they meet the following three criteria: feasibility to the student in question, justifiable to fellow students, and acceptability to the professor.

    Who qualifies for Reflex?

    The VUB wants every student to develop according to his or her talents. Every special situation is eligible for a reflex statute. The following students are advised to apply for a reflex statute:

    Students with a disability

    Visual/auditory/motoric disability - Coordination disorder - Chronic disease - Learning disorder - Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - Autism spectrum disorder - Tic disorder - Psychiatric disability 

    Working students

    Students who work full time or part time in combination with their studies
    (in a programme for working students)

    Student representatives

    Students with the authorisation of student representative inside the VUB

    Student athlete?

    Are you a student athlete? You may need special facilities and flexibility in your classes, too. For this, you can contact Topsport and Study.

    Is your situation different than the ones mentioned above?

    Contact a student psychologist
    Starting from 20 September!

    Request a Reflex statute

    Requesting a Reflex statute for academic year 2021-2022 is possible starting from 20 September. You can already prepare by gathering all the required documentation.

    Starting from 20 September!

    How do I apply for a ReFlex status?

    For the first semester of the 2021-2022 academic year, you can request a ReFlex-status from 20 September until 30 October. It is, therefore, no longer possible to apply for your ReFlex-status.

    Only in exceptional circumstances, or in circumstances that take place after the deadline, a ReFlex-status can still be granted after the deadline. Please contact the ReFlex-team via reflex@vub.be.

    Applications for the 2nd semester are possible again from 1 February. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself by providing the necessary attestations.

    Important deadlines for requesting the ReFlex statute:

    Are you starting your program at the VUB in the first semester? Or are you continuing your program in September? Then the deadline for applying for the statute is 30 October 2021.

    Are you entering in the 2nd semester? Then you can apply for your ReFlex statute until 30 March 2021.

    Inter-University Program

    If you’re following an inter-university program, the undermentioned steps are necessary to get acknowledged and receive accommodations as a student with a disability:

    • The registration and the certification of the disability have to be done in your main institution. This is the institution where you first registered. You don’t have to go through the admission procedure again in your secondary institution.
    • The accommodations and their arrangements may differ per institution. Make an appointment at the partner institution after your admission at the primary institution to discuss the accommodations. Please, note that this request has to be submitted before 1 November for the first semester and before 1 March for the second semester.
    • If you contact the partner institution, please include the documentations regarding your reasonable accommodations from your main institution (e.g. the certification of the allowed accommodations for courses or exams, or your disability certification). It makes it easier to help along with your case. You will be informed if a personal appointment is needed.

    Contact details per institution:

    Request accommodations

    Once acknowledged as a Reflex-student, there are some additional things you need to follow up when you request reasonable accommodations for a course or an exam.

    Each examination period

    We want it to be clear to both students and teachers what measures should be provided for each exam and how they will be practically organized. Therefore, as a ReFlex student, we ask you to request each education and exam measure before the deadline via an online form

    The Study Support staff will discuss your requests with your teachers. You will be kept informed of the status of your requests via email.  Please read these emails carefully: as a student, you are responsible for following up on your requests correctly.

    Educational measures:

    If you would like to request educational measures, please fill out this online form.

    Exam Measures:

    • All evaluations or tests outside of the exam period can be completed via this online form.
    • Exam measures for each exam period (January-June - 2nd sitting) can be requested via this online form.

    Important deadlines for the application:

    • Application for exam period January: 1 December
    • Request exam period June: 1 May
    • Application for 2nd session: July 15
    • All evaluations or tests that fall outside the exam period of January, June, or 2nd session: request at least 2 weeks in advance.
    • Second examination period first sit Business Administration: March 15


    Students who submit an application after this deadline will no longer be able to use flexible measures that semester.


    Your Reflex file will be followed up by Study Guidance VUB and will be treated strictly confidential. Information will only be shared with others with your permission.

    When requesting your student facilities, we will never share the reason for your request.