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    Scholarship from the Flemish government

    In certain cases, the Flemish government awards a scholarship. 


    In order to be considered for a scholarship, you will have to meet the nationalitystudy and financial conditions. Age is not important. 

    You can receive a scholarship for 2 Graduate’s programs, 2 Bachelor’s programs, 1 initial Master’s program, 1 bridging program, 1 preparatory program and 1 extra educational graduate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

    Students who are entitled to a scholarship also pay a reduced tuition fee. 

    Digital application

    Applications for scholarships made digitally are generally processed faster. An added advantage is that you can monitor your case file online. Visit the website www.studietoelagen.be to submit your application. Please be aware that this procedure is entirely in Dutch. If you need help translating, please reach out to Social legal & financial support. We will guide you through the application.  

    Not entitled to a scholarship ?

    You may still be eligible for reduced tuition fees

    More information is available at: