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    In need of a laptop

    These days, students cannot study without a computer. 

    Technical requirements

    In order to be able to follow classes effectively, your device should meet the following requirements: 

    • Webcam 
    • Operating system: Windows: 10, 8, 7 or Mac: at least OS  X 10.10 
    • Memory: Windows: a minimum of 2 GB RAM or Mac: a minimum of 512 MB RAM 

    Want to buy your own laptop?

    Being a student, you can buy a computer at a discount. You can also check out campusshop.be for discounted computers.  

    If you meet certain conditions, you can apply for an interest-free student loan for the purchase of a computer. For students who receive a scholarship from the Flemish government, an advance on this scholarship may also be used for the purchase of a computer.

    Want to borrow a laptop?

    If you can't manage to take out a loan at the moment, or if your computer is out of use for a certain period (for example for repairs), you can borrow a laptop at no cost from the VUB, for a period of between one day and six months.

    To apply, fill in the form below. We will look into your application and if you are eligible we will get in touch with you to send a loan agreement digitally. We will link your VUB account to the laptop beforehand. Do be aware that it can take a week before you can come and pick up the laptop.