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    External grants

    A number of external grants, by way of donations, are allocated to VUB students who are experiencing difficulties paying for their study costs. 


    For some external grants there are specific conditions with regards to area of study, academic results and place of residence. Students who meet these and the general conditions may apply for one or more external grants. 

    Name Conditions Amount
    Robert De Breyne The student comes from the province of West Flanders or Limburg OR the district of Oudenaarde/Eeklo/Turnhout AND comes from an official educational institute; with priority for bachelor students and those who passed the previous academic year with 54 credits 250 euros
    Goldsobel Only for students of medicine 250 euros
    Jules Deconinck The student meets the academic conditions set by the Flemish government for its scholarship AND was born and is domiciled in West Flanders 495 euros
    Grant for student representatives Only for students who are active in the Student Council; the Faculty Councils or the International Student Platform 500 euros
    Jeanne Lonnoy Only for students of Linguistics and Literature (Germanic languages) 1000 euros
    Vroman no conditions 200 euros
    Crazy Copy Center No conditions 200 euros

    When to apply?

    An application for one or more external grants should be submitted before 1st December of the academic year concerned, by way of an application form. Applications submitted after this date will no longer be considered. 

    An external grant is valid for one academic year and you can re-apply, if necessary, the next academic year.