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    Types of support

    We offer different types of support to our students. 

    1. Financial and practical support

    International students are generally self-supporting or supported by a scholarship. Our financial support is generally limited to Belgian nationals, although there are some exceptions. In order to be eligible for most types of support, you need to meet our general conditions. These consist of nationality and academic requirements. We advise all international students to take a close look at the nationality requirements before applying. There may also be additional specific conditions per type of support. Select a type of support for more information. 

    Practical support

    Open to all students

    Financial support

    There's two options:

    Financial support for emergencies is open to international students who meet the academic conditions (+ exchange students and students following a teacher training).

    Regular financial support is open to students who meet the academic conditions and the nationality conditions

    2. Social legal support

    "Will I lose my child benefit if I work?" 
    “I work during the academic year. Do I now have to pay taxes?"
    “I want to stop studying. What consequences could this have? 

    You can contact the staff of Social legal and financial support for information and social-legal advice regarding child benefit, taxes, halting your studies, working and studying, etc. For information specific to international students, the VUB International office can help you out.  

    Consult the website centenvoorstudenten.be for basic information on the most important social-legal themes that you may be confronted with as a student. You will also find the most current legislation and useful links.  

    3. A place to address your concerns

    As a student, you want to study and get your diploma in the best possible conditions. 

    You may run into personal, family and / or social problems (eg: conflict with your parents) or you may be confronted with unexpected, practical and administrative problems (eg: problems with the payment of child benefit) 

    Together, we will take a look at your situation and search for a solution. If necessary, you will be referred to a suitable service within or outside the university. 

    The staff of Social legal and financial support is bound by professional secrecy. Your story is safe and will not be passed on. You can also talk to the student psychologists at our university in confidence about difficulties during your studies. 

    General conditions

    The regular financial support by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is subject to conditions. The following general conditions apply: 

    Nationality conditions

    The student meets one of the nationality requirements established by the Department of study grants of the Flemish Community.

    Academic conditions

    • the student is enrolled under a diploma contract (students with a credit or exam contract are not eligible); (*) 
    • the student is enrolled at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel; (**) 
    • the student is enrolled in an initial study programme: a bachelor, a first master, a bridging or preparatory programme; (***)


    (*) Students with a credit contract can be eligible for reduced tuition fee. 

    (**) Students in the first year of their studies should have an enrollment of at least 54 credits in order to apply for a social allowance, rent allowance and external grants. 

    (***) Students following a teacher training or a second academic degree of the same level or students who have already obtained a Master's degree can only qualify for reduced tuition fee and an interest-free student loan. This interest-free student loan is also available for students who are following an advanced Master's degree. 

    The VUB aims to positively approach diversity in society, both in its study programs and in terms of its student and staff policy, and this by guaranteeing equal opportunities for everyone, without discrimination based on gender, ethnicity , philosophy, sexual orientation, age or disability. 

    Lodging an appeal

    If you do not agree with a decision of Social legal & financial support regarding financial support, you can lodge an appeal

    How to submit?

    1. Fill in the application form and sign it digitally. 
    2. Attach all the documents requested to the signed form 
    3. Send your complete application to social.financial.support@vub.be.

    Your application form for financial support for emergencies, rent allowance, social allowance, reduced tuition fee, external grant, long-term loan and/or a special housing procedure can be sent to us by email. We will then get in touch with you by email if we have any further questions regarding your application. 

    Your application will be processed by a staff member. You will then receive a decision, accompanied by more information. 

    For an advance on the scholarship from the Flemish government  or a short-term loan, all you have to do is send us an email. Have a look on the relevant support page to see what information should be included in this email.  


    • 01/06/2022: Deadline for application for scholarship from the Flemish government 2021-2022 through www.studietoelagen.be
    • Rent allowance 2021-2022: apply before the rental contract starts. If rent allowance is applied for after the start of the rental contract, it will be allocated starting from the rental month in which the application form was submitted. 
    • Exchange grant 2021-2022: apply before the date of departure. 
    • 01/12/2021: Deadline for application for external grants 2021-2022. 
    • 01/05/2022: Deadline for application for special housing procedure 2021-2022. 

    Find a scholarship

    The VUB participates in many scholarship programmes offering grants to all levels of study (from Bachelor – Academic Staff), in various regions, both for short and longer stays. Explore personalised possibilities 

    Relevant links

    • Centen voor Studenten: Information on the social legal status of students and the possibilities to finance your studies. 
    • Scholarship from the Flemish government: information on entitlement to and application for the scholarship from the Flemish government (in Dutch). 
    • Brik: online database of student rooms in Brussels. 
    • Student jobs: information on the possibilities to earn money as a student and an online database with student jobs. 
    • Study material: information on purchasing (second-hand) books and courses. 
    • Student computer: computers and laptops at student rates. 


    Are you in need of financial support? Social legal & financial support offers you a range of support facilities. All your questions will be treated confidentially and your specific situation will be taken into account.

    Social legal & financial support

    +32 2 629 23 15

    Availability via telephone
    Tuesday - Friday from 9AM - 12PM

    Appointment via MS Teams

    Campus in Etterbeek

    Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

    Building X1
    Check the campus map >>>
    Opening hours
    Tuesday 9 am -12 pm & 1:30 pm - 4 pm

    Campus in Jette

    Brussels Health Campus

    Room A.114
    Check the campus map >>>

    Opening hours
    On Appointment


    It's also possible to deposit your documents in a mailbox, just in front of the exit of the medical library.