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    Financial support

    International students are generally self-supporting or supported by a scholarship. Financial support is generally limited to Belgian nationals, although there are some exceptions.

    Financial support by Flemish Community or VUB

    In general, only Belgian students can apply for a grant of the Flemish community or financial support from the Social, legal & financial support team

    However, some EEA-students can be entitled if they live in Belgium for at least five years or if they (or their parents) worked in Belgium at least one year. Non-EEA-students can be entitled if they have a permanent residence in Belgium.

    Conditions for financial assistance

    The special financial support by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel itself is subject to conditions. The following general conditions apply:

    • the student meets one of the nationality requirements established by the Department of study grants of the Flemish Community; 
    • the student is enrolled under a diploma contract (students with a credit or exam contract are not eligible);
    • the student is enrolled at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel;
    • the student is enrolled in an initial study programme: a bachelor, a master, a bridging or preparatory programme;
    • the student demonstrates a financial need, related to his or her study expenses;
    • the student comes by in person to discuss the financial situation.

    Need help?

    Are you in need of administrative,  financial, social or judicial guidance prior or during your stay at the VUB? The International Relations and Mobility Office is committed to facilitating your integration both at the VUB and in Brussels. 

    Find a scholarship

    The VUB participates in many scholarship programmes offering grants to all levels of study (from Bachelor – Academic Staff), in various regions, both for short and longer stays. Explore personalised possibilities 

    Special housing procedure

    In certain circumstances a VUB room can be absolutely necessary to succesfully complete your studies. Especially medical and physical limitations or social or psychological reasons are taken into account.


    Students can be given priority to receive a VUB dorm room through a special procedure. This is only possible when a VUB room is essential for being able to successfully begin or complete the studies. Proof must be given that not having a VUB room will make your studies impossible.

    Especially medical and physical limitations or social or psychological reasons can be taken into account. Financial arguments are not considered in this procedure: students in financial need can call upon other support.

    How to apply

    To apply for the special procedure you need to go to the Social, legal & financial support team in person and bring along the application form and documents that prove your particular situation. Depending on your situation, you will be referred to the Medical Department, CAW Brussels or an employee of the Study Guidance Centre for external advice.

    When to apply?

    Before the 1st of May

    After this date you can only submit an application if:

    • the situation you are in is due to an incident that occurred after 1 May   
    • the situation you are in requires a VUB room to be able to begin or continue your studies.

    You can contact the Social, legal & financial support team for more information about the applications.



    Are you in need of financial support? The Social, legal & financial support team offers you a range of support facilities. All your questions will be treated confidentially and your specific situation will be taken into account.

    Students of the Brussels Health Campus (Jette) can reach the Social, legal & financial support team through the regular e-mail address and by phone on the hours stated below. Social Services are also available on campus, only on Tuesday from 9.30 AM untill 1 PM, near the medical library. It's also possible to deposit your documents in a mailbox, just in front of the exit of the medical library.

    Social legal & financial support team

    Not available in Jette Tuesday 31 October. Closed on Friday 3 November.

    Opening hours
    Tuesday until Friday, 1.30 PM - 5 PM (building P, former student rooms unit in red)

    +32 2 629 23 15 (Tuesday until Friday, 9 AM - 12 PM)