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    VUB's academic constitution

    The University's central teaching and examination regulations constitute the backbone upon which all aspects of education and evaluation are organised. It is the central academic book of rules. Faculties can make additions to the central teaching and examination regulations, usually adding details on practical matters such as deadlines, filling in forms etc.

    What kind of regulations?

    The teaching and examination regulations apply to the following programmes organised by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel:

    • Bachelor's programmes
    • Master's programmes (including advanced masters)
    • Preparatory and bridging programmes
    • Postgraduate programmes and the teacher training programme

    More detailed information on:


    The information presented in this section holds no legal validity. The teaching and examination regulations of the current academic year are the only legal source of information on the University's rules. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel cannot be held responsible for incorrect or outdated information on the website.

    Central teaching and examination regulations


    Central teaching and examination regulations


    Organisation and structure of the VUB

    The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is a large institution. You can find more information on the organisation and structure of our university in the regulations below.

    Organisation of the VUB


    Central regulations concerning the administrative organisation of the faculties

    Faculty Regulations (only in Dutch)

    Stipulates the rules for student participation at VUB

    Participation Rules

    PhD regulations and forms

    Useful documents, central regulations, and faculty-specific additions for PhD candidates.

    Important notice

    The central PhD regulations and the supplementary faculty regulations are subject to change. Since the regulations are first written in Dutch, it may take some time for them to be translated into English. 

    Therefore, only the Dutch versions of the regulations are considered legally binding. Thus, you are advised to check the dates on which the English and Dutch versions were last modified.

    Central PhD regulations

    Supplementary faculty regulations

    Other regulations

    Forms for application, registration, and participation

    PhD Forms

    Campus life

    The VUB is more than just studying, as you well know by now. Below you can find different regulations governing student life on campus at VUB.

    Student Life Codex

    Gathers all information on and regulations governing (organised) student life

    Read more

    Classroom Regulations

    Rules for the use of VUB classrooms

    Read more (only in Dutch)

    Regulations Concerning Appeals Against Student Services

    Appeals of decisions on financial support and VUB student room allocations, decisions within the organised student life, ...

    Read more

    User Agreement Lounge 1050

    If you use the Lounge Bar 1050, you must sign this agreement.

    Read more

    Lounge 1050 User Guidelines (art. 9 and 10)

    Guidelines on organising activities in the Lounge Bar 1050 (Etterbeek)

    Read more

    Lounge 1090 User Guidelines (art. 9 and 11)

    Guidelines on organising activities in the Lounge Bar 1090 (Jette)

    Read more

    Regulations Governing ICT Infrastructure

    Rules on the use of ICT infrastructure at VUB

    Read more (only in Dutch)

    Disciplinary Regulations

    Information on the sanctions and disciplinary procedures in case of incidents on campus

    Read more


    The Student Council is the central body for student representation at VUB. It defends students' interests and represents their voice in several university councils. At our university, the same representatives also form the Council for (non-academic) Student Services, whose policy is entirely run by students - a unique situation.

    General regulations of the Student Council and the Council for Student Services

    Stipulates the composition, the powers, the rules of procedure and the electoral procedure for the Student Council and the Council for Student Services

    Read more

    Participation Rules

    Stipulates the rules for student participation at VUB

    Read more

    External regulations

    External regulations that have an impact on the workings of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

    Codex Higher Education

    Collection of decrees on matters of higher education

    Read more (only in Dutch)

    Statutes vzw UAB

    Statutes of the Universitaire Associatie Brussel vzw (Universitary Association Brussels)

    Read more (only in Dutch)

    Brussels Housing Code

    Measures to ensure the quality of renting a house or a room in Brussels

    Read more (in Dutch)

    Brussels Housing Code

    Measures to ensure the quality of renting a house or a room in Brussels

    Read more (in French)


    You can find all forms related to administrative issues at VUB below.

    Administration: enrolment and deregistration

    Administration: working students

    Social Services

    Forms for PhD students

    Registration and participation:

    Joint PhD model agreements:

    PhD progress reports: