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    Welcome refugee student programme

    The VUB offers a programme to support the integration of refugee students and also provides 20 students with the opportunity to take an introductory programme, called the InCampus programme.

    Refugee student programme

    The Refugee student programme of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is tailored specifically to prospective students with a refugee background and gives them a fair chance to start or continue their studies and build a better future for themselves, here in Belgium or back home when they return. The programme is aimed at facilitating their access to higher education by providing personal guidance in choosing the right programme, as well as help with the registration system, an open door policy for students seeking support, and advice before and throughout their studies.

    Interested? Contact our team: refugee@vub.ac.be

    InCAMPUS: to help you get ready for academic success!

    InCAMPUS offers a limited number of refugee students (max 20) a one-year academic preparatory programme to help them develop the language and study skills that are needed to enrol on and succeed in their chosen academic programme at the VUB.

    The InCAMPUS introductory programme offers:

    • Dutch or English language courses (leading to the B2 level required to enrol at the University) in collaboration with ACTO
    • Training on educational methods and study skills
    • Cultural orientation courses in collaboration with BON Inburgering Brussel
    • Psychological support and counselling
    • 1 or 2 regular academic courses in your chosen academic programme (credit contract EN / NL)

    1. Applications

    Students who have not obtained a Flemish degree need to submit an application online and get permission to study at the VUB.

    Refugee Student Programme

    Apply to study at the VUB

    InCampus Introductory programme

    Apply for InCampus

    2. Enrolment

    Once you have permission to study at the VUB, you can enrol.

    InCampus students

    InCampus students must enrol for 1 or 2 courses from their chosen academic programme via a credit contract.

    Students in the Refugee Student Programme

    Follow steps 2 and 3 in the manual for new VUB students to enrol.

    3. Administration after enrolment

    Once you have enrolled, you will receive your student card and registration certificate. You will also need to pay the tuition fee.

    Tuition fee payment


    The tuition fee for InCampus students is made up of

    • A fixed amount for enrolment at the VUB.
    • A variable amount for the 1 or 2 regular courses you enrol on. This variable amount is paid by ECTS credit. For example, enrolment on 2 regular courses, each consisting of 6 ECTS credits, equals to: (variable amount x 6 credits) x 2.

    The rest of the InCampus programme is free.

    Refugee student programme

    Most refugees are eligible for a Scholarship from the Flemish Community, for which you should apply online (information and application only available in Dutch). If you are eligible for this scholarship, you only pay the reduced tuition fee. If you need help or advice, you can contact social legal & financial support.

    Registration certificate & student card

    You need a registration certificate in order to buy an annual season ticket for public transport at the student rate.

    More info

    Tuition fee payment

    When and how will I receive my tuition fee invoice?

    More info

    Calculation tuition fee

    Calculation of your tuition fee and overviews of tuition fees

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    Online tools

    Studying is becoming increasingly digitalised. Accordingly, you will have to use the following online tools during your studies at VUB.

    E-mail, learning platform, timetable app, ...

    Discover our e-tools and portals


    You can consult the timetables by study programme (e.g. first year of the Master's Programme in Management) or by individual course (e.g. 'Corporate Finance and Investment Analysis'). InCampus students need to consult both their InCampus timetable and the timetable(s) of the course(s) they are taking. You can also use My Timetable, which is an app that enables students to create a personal timetable.

    By degree programme


    By individual course


    Create your personal timetable

    My Timetable app

    InCampus programme


    Books, courses and study spaces on campus

    All information on where to buy books and where to find a quiet space to study.

    Online or on campus

    Books and courses

    A quiet space on campus

    Study spaces

    Language courses

    In addition to the English and Dutch language courses offered in the Welcome Refugee Student Programme, you can take other academic or non-academic language courses at VUB.

    Academic language courses

    Academic Language Centre at the VUB


    Non-academic language courses

    In addition to ACTO, you can also take language courses at various centres for Adult Education (CVO) at the university campuses


    Information, counselling, and training

    Workshops or personal guidance

    Study Guidance

    Support at VUB

    You can rely on several assistance and (study) advice services at the VUB.

    Information with a smile!

    Student Information

    Information, training, and counselling to help you during your studies

    Study guidance

    Psychological support and counselling for refugee students

    Contact the programme coordinators

    Career coaching

    More info

    Looking for a student job?

    Student jobs

    Daycare centres at VUB


    VUB Services & Assistance at the VUB

    Help & advice

    Discover the campus

    There's more to VUB than just studying. Discover our facilities on campus as well as leisure activities and possibilities for engagement.

    Cultural activities, sports, debates, film and so much more!