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    Respondents wanted for surveys of fellow students

    In the context of their bachelor's paper, master's thesis or PhD, you might be looking for respondents to bring your research project to a succesful conclusion. To protect our students from an overload of emails, we do not send out announcements for this purpose.

    Students indicate that they only want to receive relevant information from the VUB. To meet this wish, we restrict the news flow to necessary messages about the study programme, guidance and student life. We do not distribute surveys via CANVAS or the student portal WeAreVUB Student.

    How can you find respondents?

    • Browse social media: there are plenty of groups and communities in which your fellow students unite.
    • Use the poster areas on campus to put your research in the spotlight. A QR code on your flyer that goes directly to your questionnaire is a must.
    • Talk to friends, family, neighbours, ... they probably want to do you a favour.