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    Respondents wanted for surveys of fellow students

    In the context of their bachelor's paper, master's thesis or PhD, your fellow students are looking for respondents to bring their research project to a succesful conclusion. Will you help them by completing the questionnaires or by participating in the tests?

    Mental health and social connectedness with VUB-students

    During student life you gain a lot of new experiences and you also get to know many new people. Not all students deal with this in the same way or find their way easily. We are therefore curious about your experiences!

    More specifically, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel would like to find out more about the social relationships of its students (social connections or loneliness) and about how well they feel (mental well-being or unwell-being). The results of this study will be used to adjust or further elaborate (prevention) initiatives for students.

    To get a representative picture, it is important that as many students as possible participate! If you participate you have the chance to win one of the many available 30 euro vouchers of the Standaard Bookshop Campus VUB. The survey will take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.