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    Respondents wanted for surveys of fellow students

    In the context of their bachelor's paper, master's thesis or PhD, your fellow students are looking for respondents to bring their research project to a succesful conclusion. Will you help them by completing the questionnaires or by participating in the tests?

    Experiment in June and July 2019

    Can you handle some pain? Let's find out.

    Eleonora is a Neuroscience PhD student from Italy. She is currently working at the VUB to run an experiment that aims to deepen the knowledge in the field of pain processing. Eleonora is looking for volunteers to participate in a test.

    STUDY INFO: The aim is to test the effectiveness of a new analgesic cream. During the experiment you will be asked to submerge your hand into cold water and to resist as long as you can. Then, Eleonora will apply the cream and repeat the water test. You will feel less pain and will resist longer.

    Duration: The experiment lasts about 1 hour 15 minutes.
    Where: VUB Campus, UZ Brussels, Jette.
    Compensation: A lot of gratitude, coffee, candies and chocolate

    See this flyer with more info.

    Your participation would represent a massive help Eleonora and her research group. But first and foremost, you will play an important role in advancing the understanding of pain processing mechanisms, which may have a significant impact in clinical conditions, such as chronic and acute musculoskeletal disorders.

    If you are interested, and would like more info, contact Eleonora.