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    Doctoral School of Natural Sciences and (Bioscience) Engineering

    PhD research is of the utmost importance to the VUB and our knowledge-based society. Hence, it is important to facilitate not only research, but also the so-called transferable skills.

    The doctoral schools at the VUB support the PhD researchers by organizing activities related to general scientific and transferable skills. The scientific follow-up of the PhD is guaranteed by the faculties themselves. This separation of responsibilities guarantees that there is no conflict of interest between the scientific research and the transferable skills.

    The PhD research (should) result into a PhD diploma. Similarly, an official certificate of the doctoral school is issued if the researcher collects enough credits through courses, tutorials, and scientific activities (see the credit table). This certificate enumerates all the followed activities and can be used by the researcher when looking for a job. The registration and follow-up of the activities is now done via the PhD Portfolio.

    It should be noted that both PhD researchers and young post-docs linked to NSE (faculties WE & IR) are welcome to join the activities.

    The list of events, organised by the doctoral school, can be found below. This includes topic such as:

    • Scientific Integrity
    • Scientific communication (oral and written)
    • Intellectual Property (IP) related courses (in collaboration with Technology Transfer Interface)
    • How to become an entrepreneur (in collaboration with Technology Transfer Interface)
    • Specialized courses of software/tools/techniques that are of importance to a broad range of researchers
    • Yearly, a VUB PhD-day

    Furthermore, the doctoral school supports the researchers by:

    • announcing of (scientific) activities: send the info to nse@vub.be

    The doctoral school NSE is headed by Prof. dr. ir. Gerd Vandersteen, assisted by the NSE Council. The NSE Council is composed by the Deans of the member faculties (or their representative), and four representatives of PhD candidates and post-doctoral fellows. In addition, there is the support of the NSE PhD network, a social network for PhD researchers by PhD researchers of the faculties WE and IR.

    Suggestion for the doctoral school can always be send to nse@vub.be, or by contacting one of the NSE council members.


    Prof. dr. ir. Gerd Vandersteen

    Director of the Doctoral School of Natural Sciences and (Bioscience) Engineering

    Vrije Universiteit Brussel / dept. ELEC

    NSE Council

    The NSE Council is composed by the Deans of the member faculties (or their representative), and four representatives of PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. Although the director of NSE has an advisory role in the council, he also has a vote. The representatives of the associated faculties have an advisory role in the council. All decisions and rules made by the NSE council will be reported and approved by both faculty boards (faculty of engineering (IR) and faculty of sciences and bio-engineering (WE)) before application.

    NSE Director

    Prof. Dr. ir. Gerd Vandersteen
    E-mail: Gerd.Vandersteen@vub.be
    Tel: 02 629 29 44
    Room: 6K430 (Campus Etterbeek)

    NSE Council members

    • Freija De Vleeschouwer (WE): Chairman NSE council, Postdoc WE
    • Gerd Vandersteen (IR): Director of the doctoral school NSE
    • Nele Van Schelvergem (R&D, RTDO): Secretaris
    • Rik Pintelon (IR): Representative of the Dean of Faculty IR
    • Geert Angenon (WE): Representative of the Dean of Faculty WE
    • Frederick Matheuse (IR): PhD candidate IR
    • Lien Smeesters (IR): Postdoc IR
    • Pauline Bardet (WE): PhD candidate WE

    The NSE PhD network

    The PhD network is created by PhD candidates, for PhD candidates. Any doctoral candidates from the faculties WE and IR are welcome to ask us questions, meet our teams and join our events!

    The organization has three main goals:

    1. To enhance social contact between the PhD candidates of the different departments of WE and IR.
    2. To help new PhD candidates with general questions they might have about studying for a PhD degree at the VUB.
    3. To inform Master Degree Students about the PhD program.