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    Welcome at the Doctoral School of Human Sciences (DSh)

    Our doctoral school is characterised by its diversity together with its broad expertise. To keep in close touch with these resources, we have based our doctoral school on the principal of active interaction. The principle of interaction implies a dynamic model of organising the doctoral school, with input from diverse resources.

    As the doctoral school we offer multiple activities to assist in extending and improving your capabilities, in succeeding in gaining a PhD. We also strongly support PhD candidates in setting up activities of mutual interest. We offer some predetermined formats (content seminar, master classes, ...) as explained here.

    On the basis of cooperation we hope to keep closely in touch with the needs of our PhD candidates. With the monthly newsletter, together with the website we endeavour to keep you informed and importantly up to date.

    We wish you every success in your doctoral studies and trust you will appreciate our joint collaboration.

    Yours sincerely,

    Prof. Dr. Karen François

    DSh PhD Network

    The DSh PhD Network is an organization formed by and for the PhDs and post-docs of the doctoral schools of human sciences (DSh) of the VUB.


    Our mission is to:

    Promote the wellbeing of DSh PhDs and post-docs.

    Integrate DSh faculties via social events.

    Inform PhDs and post-docs about DSh training and workshops.

    Enhance your experience at the VUB and Brussels.

    If you are a PhD or post-doc in human sciences at the VUB, considering doing so or simply interested is who we are, just ask. We are here to help! We'll keep you posted about the events of our network, things to do in Brussels, life outside academia and the like.

    If you would like to join our organizing committee, email us!

    Proof of participation

    Participation in training courses organised by the DSH Doctoral School will NOT automatically appear in your online PhD portfolio, fill out this form and let it sign by the instructor as proof of participation.

    Afterwards you can add this manually to your portfolio to get the credits; more info here.


    Upcoming events

    Courses and seminars on methodology (quantitative and qualitative) see the website of FLAMES https://www.flames-statistics.com/courses-seminars - other courses organized by VUB / RTDO / DSh browse the offer via TEO (below)


    From September 10th 2019 you can consult the total VUB LRN training offer ánd immediately register for available sessions in the bat of an eye via the brand new TEO learning module. Make sure to bookmark the link now!

    Browse the offer via TEO
    You can browse the majority of our VUB LRN catalogue without a TEO account. Registering for sessions require a guest account.

    Browse the catalogue without TEO access


    Some colleagues who are not officially employed at VUB or UZB (like researchers employed by some funding institutions) have no access to TEO Learning via the above link. However, all colleagues are very welcome to participate in the training offer after obtaining a guest account.

    Crazy about our offer? To be able to register for sessions, you first have to complete a one-time procedure of requesting a guest account.

    Request your guest account