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    Who, where and how? This page can help you find the right person or department to answer PhD-related questions and offer the information you need.

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    Doctoral Schools and the basis of your programme

    Doctoral Schools

    Faculty regulations and specialised advice

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    Meet with your colleagues, stay up to date, discover what the PhD life has to offer and don't forget to have fun!

    PhD networks

    Additional information

    Departments that can help with paperwork, research, complaints and other PhD-related matters.

    Further support

    Researcher Training & Development Office

    The Researcher Training & Development Office is the primary source of general guidance and latest information for any PhD candidate at the VUB.

    The RTDO will only be available by email until further notice.

    Find us in Campus Etterbeek, building M, room 4M423, or contact us by phone or e-mail. We can guide you through the general PhD procedures, events and funding methods, according to your needs.

    • For questions specific to a certain field of study, candidates should refer to their supervisors.
    • The Researcher Training & Development Office does not receive applications of prospective PhD candidates. Please consult the page on application procedures.

    Opening hours for consulting our office:

    Every Monday afternoon (1pm-3.45pm) and Thursday morning (9.30am-1pm) door is open for questions and info. All other days CLOSED and only ON APPOINTMENT!

    You can probably also find an answer to your question HERE.

    Find our contact details below to make an appointment.

    RTDO team

    Anne-Sophie Putseys

    Staff Researcher Training & Development Office


    +32 2 629 16 53

    Freek Van Deynze

    Staff Researcher Training & Development Office


    +32 2 629 16 25

    Nele Van Schelvergem

    Staff Researcher Training & Development Office


    +32 2 629 16 53

    Hannelore De Grande

    Coordinator Researcher Training & Development Office


    +32 2 629 16 51

    Loren Pauwels

    Project Coordinator Research Professionalization


    +32 2 629 16 25

    Annelies Colpin

    Career Coordinator Young Researchers


    +32 2 629 1184

    Doctoral Schools

    Doctoral schools comprise several faculties. They overlook the Doctoral Training Programmes and the Doctoral School grants.

    Doctoral School of Human Sciences
    Prof. Dr. Karen Francois


    Campus Etterbeek
    Room 5B.425
    Doctoral School of Natural Sciences and (Bioscience) Engineering
    Prof. Dr. Gerd Vandersteen


    Campus Etterbeek
    Room 6K430
    Doctoral School of Life Sciences and Medicine
    Prof. Dr. Leo Van Grunsven


    Campus Jette
    Room D022

    PhD faculty representatives

    Faculty representatives have knowledge on faculty regulations and events. After your supervisor, they are the ones to ask for help concerning your PhD trajectory.

    Role of the faculties

    Since PhD research is highly specialised, faculties are responsible for the grading and evaluation process. Candidates should be aware of each faculty's PhD regulations.

    The Faculty Council reviews PhD applications and decides on admissions. They also set up the PhD Progress Monitoring Commission, who will monitor the progress of all PhD research in the faculty. The commissions evaluate the annual progress of the doctoral students in their faculties and deliver positive or negative verdicts for re-enrolment.

    After the dissertation is handed in, The Faculty Council sets up the examination jury and organises the private and public PhD defences. Faculties are also responsible for the delivery of the degrees.

    Contact details

    Faculty of Arts & Philosophy


    Faculty of Law & Criminology


    Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences & Solvay Business School


    Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences


    Faculty of Science & Bioscience Engineering


    Faculty of Medicine & Pharmacy


    Faculty of Engineering


    Faculty of Physical Education & Physiotherapy

    Researchers, unite!

    Whether you want to talk about your research, meet with your colleagues or discover fun activities, you are welcome in our PhD networks!

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    Facebookgroup: VUB PhD Community


    DoctoralSchoolsVUB (@PhD_VUB)


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    Further help and support

    When it comes to particularly specific needs, questions or complaints related to your PhD programme, the following departments might help.

    R&D Department

    The R&D department is the place to go for questions regarding the administrative aspects of research projects and research grants.

    HR Department

    If you are an employee of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, you can contact the HR Department for any questions regarding your status.

    • Tel: +32 2 629 20 02
    • E-mail: onthaaldp@vub.ac.be
    • Address: Campus Etterbeek, Building M, 1st floor

    Problems with how your PhD is supervised and evaluated?

    PhD ombudsperson

    Issues concerning admission, registration or certificates?

    Education and Student Administration