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    Funding PhD presentation days

    Doctoral students may be called to participate in PhD presentation days. During these meetings, a reasonably large group of PhD researchers presents their work to the research community.


    Doctoral students who participate in PhD presentation days are usually selected and invited by the event's organisers.

    There are two possible sub-formats for PhD presentation days:

    • PhD poster day: The participants prepare a poster, which is then presented to the audience on the day the activity is planned.
    • PhD presentation seminar: The participants prepare a brief research paper/abstract, which is then presented to the audience on the day itself.

    Organising the activity

    To organise a PhD presentation day, a minimum of 10 participants is necessary. First, organisers must launch a call for participants.

    Once the PhD researchers confirm their attendance, the organisers finalise the plans for the event and launch a promotional campaign for the PhD presentation day.

    For poster days:

    • The organisers select one adviser for the draft posters (A4).
    • The adviser gives feedback on the draft posters, which is then implemented.
    • Posters are finalized and exhibited in one location.

    For PhD presentation seminars:

    • Pre-prepared papers/abstract on the PhD project are sent to the organisers and respondents beforehand.
    • The Presentation Day takes place.

    Eligibility for support

    The Doctoral School support will consist of maximum € 50/day per active participant (i.e. a PhD student that presents a paper or a poster), with a maximum of € 750.

    To be eligible for financial support from the Doctoral Schools, the proposal has to meet the following conditions:

    • At least one PhD researcher has to be among the organisers.
    • An effort has to be made to have a large group of PhD students present their work.
    • Faculty-wide initiatives are preferred (but not obligatory).
    • An effort has to be made to involve as many PhD students from the own Faculty, without excluding members from other Faculties.
    • An effort has to be made to inform and involve the entire VUB PhD community, the VUB staff and students, and relevant stake-holders outside the VUB.

    Applying for Doctoral School support

    To register a PhD presentation day for financial support: please use the following electronic form.

    Changes to the structure of the activity and the organisational procedure are acceptable, if they are justified in the proposal.

    In case a selection needs to be made, the quality of the proposals, the above-mentioned conditions and the need for disciplinary diversity will be used to guide the selection process.

    The director of the Doctoral School is responsible for the selection.