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    PhD reviews: organisation and support

    Not to be confused with actual course units for Master's students, Master Classes are organised by PhD researchers who wish to get feedback on their work.


    Master classes and PhD research reviews are organised by the PhD researcher and require the presence of at least one expert in the relevant field of study. Usually, an audience may also participate.

    It is possible to combine the presentations with a lecture that is relevant to the research topic.

    Here is a model built on the "traditional" format of the master class:

    • A short introduction by the organisers
    • PhD presentations, cycling as follows:
      • Two 15-minute PhD presentations
      • Feedback from the experts
      • Break
    • Concluding remarks from the experts

    Organising the activity

    The PhD researcher is responsible for organising the master class / PhD review. We suggest the following procedures, in order:

    1. The experts are selected and invited by the organisers.
    2. A list of participants (by name) needs to be identified.
    3. The organisers are responsible for the arrangements for the expert, (finalising plans, launching a promotional campaign...).
    4. Documents that are relevant for the preparation of the expert are sent beforehand.
    5. The activity takes place.

    Eligibility for support

    Doctoral schools may provide grants of up € 750 to support master classes or PhD research reviews. To be eligible for financial support, the proposal has to meet the following conditions:

    • At least one VUB PhD researcher has to be among the organisers.
    • The academic field of the invited expert must be relevant for a substantial part of the VUB PhD community.
    • An effort has to be made to expand (or cross) disciplinary boundaries.
    • An effort has to be made to inform and involve the VUB PhD community.

    Applying for Doctoral School support

    To register your planned master class / PhD review for financial support: please use the following electronic form.

    Changes to the structure of the activity and the organisational procedure are acceptable, if they are justified in the proposal.

    In case a selection needs to be made, the quality of the proposals, the above-mentioned conditions and the need for disciplinary diversity will be used to guide the selection process.

    The director of the Doctoral School is responsible for the selection.