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    Supporting lectures for PhD students

    Interdisciplinary lectures are held by post-doc VUB researchers in order to introduce doctoral students to their research activities.

    Organising the activity

    Interdisciplinary lectures are organised by senior VUB researchers and are aimed at PhD students within a relevant field of study. They consist of a yearly or bi-yearly course (min. 4 hours - max. 3 days).

    If necessary, organisers may use existing courses and tutorials to prepare the content of these lectures.

    To start an interdisciplinary lecture, the following steps are necessary:

    1. The organisers provide a title and a short abstract to the doctoral school.
    2. The doctoral school may organise a poll to determine the interest of the PhD researchers.
    3. The organisers prepare the lecture.
    4. The doctoral school announces the lectures and gives organisational support (e.g. class room, materials, ...).

    Eligibility for support

    Doctoral schools can supply the interdisciplinary lectures with a grant of € 50/hour, with a total maximum of € 750.

    To be eligible for financial support, the interdisciplinary lecture has to meet the following conditions:

    • The organiser must be a post-doc VUB researcher, including the levels of ZAP "docent" and "hoofddocent".
    • A minimum of 6 PhD researchers need to attend this activity.
    • An effort has to be made to expand (or cross) disciplinary boundaries.
    • An effort has to be made to inform and involve the VUB PhD community.

    Applying for Doctoral School support

    To register an interdisciplinary lecture for financial support: please use the following electronic form.

    n case a selection needs to be made, the quality of the proposals, the above-mentioned conditions and the need for disciplinary diversity will be used to guide the selection process.

    The director of the Doctoral School is responsible for the selection.