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    Support for PhD workshops

    Content seminars and workshops are defined by their thematic focus, gathering a number of scholars to present research related to a certain topic.

    Organising the activity

    Research seminars and workshops consist of one or two days of presentations and discussions on a specific topic. They usually work with an open or semi-open call for papers, combined with the invitation of one or two keynote speakers.

    These activities must have at least 10 active (presenting) participants.

    The organisers review and select the proposed papers, and construct the program. The following procedure for the organisation of a workshop is recommended:

    1. One or two keynote speakers are selected and invited by the organisers.
    2. A call for abstracts/papers is launched and distributed widely. The minimum of 10 active participants must be reached.
    3. Organisers review and select the abstracts/papers.
    4. Organisers send out acceptance and rejection letters to proposers, and confirm to the keynote speakers that the workshop will take place.
    5. Organisers finalise planning and launch a promotional campaign.
    6. The abstract/papers are collected.

    Eligibility for support

    The Doctoral Schools can grant a maximum of € 750 to help organise content seminars and workshops.

    To be eligible for financial support, a proposal has to meet the following conditions:

    • At least one PhD student has to be among the organisers.
    • The topic of the workshop has to be relevant for a substantial part of the VUB PhD community.
    • The workshop is not supported externally through other networks (IUAP, EU ...).
    • An effort has to be made to expand (or cross) disciplinary boundaries.
    • An effort has to be made to inform and involve the VUB PhD community.

    Applying for Doctoral School support

    To register a workshop or content seminar for financial support: please use the following electronic form.

    Changes to the structure of the activity and the organisational procedure are acceptable, if they are justified in the proposal.

    In case a selection needs to be made, the quality of the proposals, the above-mentioned conditions and the need for disciplinary diversity will be used to guide the selection process.

    The director of the Doctoral School is responsible for the selection.