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    Regulations and forms

    An overview of important regulations and forms can be found here.

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    Your study path

    As a student you can shape your own study path. If you need help, you can always fall back on your learning path counsellor who is there to inform, advise and guide you.

    Course registration

    As soon as your enrolment at VUB is finalised, you can register for courses via Student Selfservice. In order to be eligible to take a course, you usually have to meet certain enrolment requirements. Please make sure to take a look at these pre- and co-requisites before you register for courses.

    The faculty is only able to register for courses on your behalf in case you passed a course (=min 10/20) and you want to take a follow-up course in the second semester.


    Rounding up or down of exam results? Graduating with merit, distinction or greatest distinction?

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    Study progress

    Students at the VUB have the right to multiple course evaluations, but we also expect certain results during the academic year.

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    Information, counseling and training

    Study guidance


    On this page you can find the exam schedules and information on what to do in case of a force majeure event.

    Exam schedules

    Announcement exam schedules

    • first exam sessions (January and June): at the latest 4 weeks before the start of the exams
    • second exam session (August): at the latest 4 weeks before the start of the exams

    The dates of the exam sessions can be found in the academic calendar.

    Publication exam results

    You can find the dates of the publication of the exam results in the faculty's exam calendar.

    The examiner shall decide whether a rescheduling is possible.

    Force majeure

    If you can't participate in (an) exam(s) due to force majeure (illness, accident, other family reasons, …) you can ask for a rescheduling of (an) exam(s) via this form.

    1. Fill out this form (please include a proof of force majeure)

    2. E-mail the form to the faculty secretariat by the date of the exam.

    3. The original document(s) substantiating the force majeure must be submitted to the faculty secretariat (3C 207) within 3 calendar days of the date on which the exam took place.

    The examiner shall decide whether a rescheduling is possible.

    Two exams at the same time

    In case you have two exams at the same time, you should take the exam which comes first in the standard study path or the exam of the mandatory programme unit. To request a rescheduling of the other exam within the relevant exam period, you should inform the faculty secretariat within 3 calendar days from the announcement of the complete exam schedule.


    To request feedback on your exam results, you should send an e-mail to the professor(s) and/or assistant(s).

    • to request an inspection of a copy of your exam: within 3 calendar days of the announcement of the results.
    • to request a clarification of your exam results: within 5 calendar days of the announcement of the results.

    A test of willpower

    What is more exciting and intimidating than having to write a small book at the end of your studies?

    Before 30 October

    Choosing a thesis topic

    Fill out the master's thesis form and send it via e-mail to facpe@vub.be

    Changing your thesis title

    If you wish to change the title of your thesis, you should send your new title via e-mail to facpe@vub.be and to your promotor at the latest the day of submission.

    Your thesis will be checked for plagiarism.

    Submitting your master's thesis

    Due to the Corona measures you need to submit your masters' thesis digitally in CANVAS.

    Monday 14 December 2020 before 4 PM

    Deadline first session (first semester). Only possible after you've submitted a request to graduate in January.

    Tuesday 25 May 2021 before 4 PM

    Deadline first session (second semester)

    Monday 09 August 2021 before 4 PM

    Deadline second session

    Evaluation master's thesis

    Both your promoter and committee member will submit an evaluation report on a grading scale of 40 each. The assistant will submit a process evaluation report on a grading scale of 20. Your final grade will be the average of these reports.

    Oral presentation master's thesis

    Do you study Educational Sciences? Due to Covid-19 the compulsory oral defence is cancelled in 2020-2021.




    Need help with your thesis?

    Study guidance

    Internship Educational Sciences

    For Educational Sciences the mandatory internship is organized during the 2nd year of the master programme.

    Information and documents

    Register for the course 'Internship Educational Sciences' on Canvas to get the latest updates as well as internship-related documents.

    Required documents

    In the appendices of the internship guidelines

    Internship coordinator
    Prof. dr. Koen Lombaerts

    Internship coach
    Karen Triquet


    Honours programme

    Become a researcher! Participate in the PE Honours program. Develop your research skills during a research internship, discuss relevant literature in paper discussion groups and share your knowledge via presentations and tutoring.


    Mail to PEHonoursprogramma@vub.be

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    Faculty secretariat

    No idea who you can contact with a question? Then pass by the faculty secretariat or send us an e-mail.

    Due to COVID-19 the faculty secretariat is only open by appointment via facpe@vub.be

    Faculty secretariat
    Building C, 3rd floor, room 3C207

    02 629 25 36

    Monday - Friday

    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


    VUB student or staff?

    Call the faculty secretariat via Teams


    Department of Educational Sciences

    A specific question for the Department of Educational Sciences? Pass by the department or send us an e-mail.

    Department of Educational Sciences
    Building B, 3rd floor, room 3B255

    02 629 26 28

    Opening hours
    Monday - Friday



    Who is who

    Looking for the name of the dean or the names of the representatives?