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    Become an entrepreneur

    VUB TechTransfer wishes to create more awareness of entrepreneurship with researchers and young professionals and organizes two courses: the Starter Seminars and the Advanced Starter Seminars. Since 1995 the Starter Seminars provide a short but intensive introduction on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and business.

    A variety of topics is covered such as developing a business plan, finance, marketing, the complex issues surrounding patenting ... Students of this program will acquire the vocabulary and mindset needed to think intelligently about their potential venture and thus interact more efficiently with tech transfer offices, investors and other partners.

    In 2014 we have introduced a follow-up course, the Advanced Starter Seminars, where business aspects and starting up a company are treated more in-depth. In recent years new topics were integrated such as social entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, how to pitch your project ... 

    Both courses are preceded by a Launch Event. This event is open to anyone interested in (technological) entrepreneurship and tech transfer. During this event you can discover more about the content and program of the (Advanced) Starter Seminars and listen to testimonials of VUB entrepreneurs.

    Find out more about the sessions and register.