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    • The University Library launches a short survey concerning the opening hours of its libraries.

      The library hopes to get a better view and understanding on the wants and needs of the VUB-community regarding the opening hours.

      This survey consists of 25 short questions and takes only 5 minutes to complete. Do you want the library to be open on Sunday? Do you want to use the library facilities after 9 PM? 

      Fill in the survey and let us know

    • The days are numbered for the current VUB learning platform PointCarré. Next year Canvas, a new learning platform, will take its place.

      During the course free week (17/09/2018 - 23/09/2018) all student accounts will be imported in the new platform by the ICT department. Once that is done you will be able to log in and use the platform.

      Attention: are there any personal documents on PointCarré you would like to keep (eg portfolio, repository,…)? Make sure you download those files before the course free week.

    • On 14 May a test period started to extend the opening hours of the medical library in Jette. The test fase will last till the end of June and will probably get a sequel when the academic year starts. 
      The new opening hours during the test fase are: 
      - Monday to Thursday: 8.30-21h
      - Friday: 8.30-19h
      - Saturday: 9-16h
    • The Student Council Elections 2018 are over!

      Are you curious about who will represent you in the Student Council? Check out the results and get to know them better!

    • You need to fill in and the tax forms and send them back before the end of June. They come in a brown envelope and a code system needs to be used to fill in the form.
    • There are a number of basic principles concerning changing and using passwords safely.

    • This academic year started off with a brandnew student portal: STUDENT.VUB. The migration of the old MY.VUB existed of 2 phases: the main services during the summer of 2017, the faculties from 15 November onwards. The necessary removal of the old MY.VUB was planned for the end of May. An instant urge, inspired by external factors, obliged us last Wednesday to act sooner.


      We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are determined to make STUDENT.VUB a valuable alternative. You can participate in this process through VOX.VUB.

    • Do you care deeply about climate change? Do you have an unusual, innovative, or bold idea to tackle this problem and would you like to put it to the test? Or perhaps use it to develop your own business? If yes, definitely participate in Climate Launch Pad 2018

    • The platform provides a positive environment for every member of the VUB community to make constructive suggestions for improving VUB policies, services, facilities, and communication. In this way, it wants to provide a complement to existing information points and hotlines, and offer a tool to working groups that want to adopt a participatory approach. VUB introduced the platform, which is still a pilot project, to try to engage students in the first place.


    • Just like Harry Potter and his friends, our VUB students are sometimes in need of a classroom or meeting room for their informal study activities. The VUB is launching Web Room Booking, an application to make online classroom reservations. There’s no magic involved, but it is certainly very useful!