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    • Dear student
      We would like to invite you to participate in a well-being survey. This survey aims to assess your well-being as a student at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). The results from this survey will be used for research purposes (scientific publications) and for drawing up policies.

    • Are you a student in your third bachelor or in your master years? Do you read Yuval Noah Harari or are you interested in the Israeli historian and thinker? Would you like to be on stage with the author of Sapiens and Homo Deus? Let us know!

    • Thanks to this survey we are able detect possible bottlenecks. But we certainly also like to receive positive feedback, which supports the lecturer’s in the quality of their teaching. Give your opinion now!

      Based on some questions and additional space for feedback, it provides the ideal opportunity to share your experiences, opinions and suggestions concerning the course units and the lecturers.

    • If you are applying for Paid Educational Leave you must keep an attendance list for each course you are following.The deadline to hand in these lists for the first trimester is 20 december. Please make sure you keep a copy as well.


      Your lecturers signed the lists after each class you attended. These lists are proof of the number of lectures you attended, as well as your (non-)motivated absences.

      You can hand in the original lists, along with possible certificates of authorized absences:

    • In June 2020, the contract between the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Confucius Institute will expire, and the VUB will not renew the contract. This is a decision made by the Board of Directors of the VUB this evening. The university is of the opinion that cooperating with the institution is no longer consistent with its policies and objectives. The VUB is, however, open to new collaborations with Chinese universities, scientists and students when this does not endanger academic freedom and independence.
    • Dear students,

      At the end of the year we are here to help you with your study career
      With lots of support and a good vibration, so you won’t lack the right motivation
      Enjoy the holidays but don’t forget your study days
      Stick to the plan without becoming a lonely caveman
      Structure is the go-to power, it even helps you gain an hour
      If things aren’t really going your way, sit back and think of Santa’s sleigh
      Any more questions? The profs will give you lots of suggestions

    • Companies don't usually ask for sensitive information by e-mail or phone. Be alert when somebody contacts you and requests this information. If you receive a suspicious e-mail, please contact our ICT helpdesk at helpdesk@vub.be. Add the e-mail as an attachment. Please don't forward the e-mail as technical information the ICT helpdesk might need could be lost.

    • The VUB aims for every student to feel good and we are always looking for ways to empower students to handle all the challenges of their study path and life in general.

      Therefore, we would like to invite every student to participate in a well-being survey. Everyone will receive this survey via e-mail from Monday 25 November and it is possible to participate until Friday 13 December.

    • Who are you and why did you join student council?

      I am Sofie Férauge, the president of student council. I applied as a candidate because Lise (the president of last year) convinced me to do so. I was already a member of the education council for some years and was already active in various student associations. It seemed like something very interesting to me!

      What are your main tasks as president?

    • This wednesday 20 November we'll celebrate our founder Saint-Verhaegen or St V. The VUB will be closed and some e-tools won't be available that day. You can access Canvas and your VUB email.