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    • Hmmmm, I received a tax form...
      Around mid-May, international students who have registered at the town hall (in 2018) will receive a tax form from the Federal Finance Department.

    • There are plenty of ways to work on your fitness at the VUB. A heavy work-out or just some sorty fun? You will definitely find something that tickles you in our offer.

    • In February, 7 VUB students- and ex-students sat ‘in the belly of the bird’ and flew to the smiling coast of West Africa: The Gambia, the smallest country in the region. A country surrounded by Senegal on three sides and the Atlantic ocean on the remaining side with the River Gambia running through it supplying the fertile wetlands with sweet water all year long.
    • EUTOPIA, a new alliance of six European universities that strives to create a connected and inclusive academic community across the continent, launched its strategy at the Solvay Library in Brussels.

    • Today pollution level 0 was reached in Brussels. Due to the deteriorated air quality it is recommended you change your habits in order to limit emissions. You could choose an alternitive to the car and limit heating if at all possible.

    • On the 19th of February 2019 the second edition of the International Student Conference was held as part of the Week of the Student at the VUB. The first one was spearheaded by Jimmy Hendry Nzally, PhD student and former chair of the International Student Platform. The conference is a collaboration between ISP and the Student Council on university policy. At VUB it is important that students can voice their opinion on key issues. As 21% of the student body has an international background it is also vital they get the opportunity to participate in the decision making.

    • The World@School is a new project launched by the Government of Flanders. The 2017-2018 academic year was the pilot year for the project. This project involves international students in small school projects with the aim of getting to know the Flemish society better and also creating global awareness for the younger school pupils.

    • During the 'Warmest Week' by Music for Life, the whole country is raising money for charity. On 18 and 19 December VUB’s building D in Etterbeek will be open for 24 hours again, starting at noon on 18 December. Every hour you can participate in an activity for charity and between 5 pm and 8 pm you can enjoy drinks and snacks at various booths during the Afterwork event.

      Check the programme and participate!

    • Dear students,

      We realize that a cyclocross event on a university campus is not an everyday event. While some think that this is an “outside the box” cool idea, others might not agree and think that VUB should have not gotten involved with such event.

      There has been a commotion regarding the cyclocross that led to an open letter addressed to me. I understand the unease, and admittedly, the timing is not ideal. However, the message of the open letter is not necessarily based on correct information.

    • Bruzz is organising the biggest Spaghetti Fest in the world and our university is going to help them achieve this feat for charity. From 26-30 November various kinds of delicious pasta will be on offer in the student restaurant (campus Etterbeek) and part of the price you pay will go to ‘toekomstATELIERdelAvenir’.

      TADA is a non-profit organization that provides supplementary, voluntary, motivational and society-oriented education to vulnerable teenagers from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. 

      Moreover, during the entire week a best of VUB spaghetti will be served!