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    • On Monday 22 April 2019 the VUB is closed. Some of the departments also have different opening hours during the spring holidays.

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    • UNICA, the Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe, is sharing a survey on students' expectations of learning and demand for action from their university on sustainability. The National Union of Students from the UK is running the survey. If you participate you could win a prize worth €100. You have got until the 30th of April to complete the survey. Share your opinion and let the researchers know what you think about the environment and sustainable development.

    • The spring holiday is the ideal time to catch up on some course work, but it’s also time to relax. We have compiled 10 entertaining tips to help you enjoy the city.

    • In February, 7 VUB students- and ex-students sat ‘in the belly of the bird’ and flew to the smiling coast of West Africa: The Gambia, the smallest country in the region. A country surrounded by Senegal on three sides and the Atlantic ocean on the remaining side with the River Gambia running through it supplying the fertile wetlands with sweet water all year long.
    • Every spring all VUB students can cast their vote for next year's Student Council. Would you like to have a say in the exam schedules? Do you have a creative idea on what our campus should look like? Or would you like to share your opinion on the cost of studying for university students? You might be the ideal candidate!

      As a democratically elected student representative you get a chance to participate in the governance of our university. You will have an influence on VUB policy and you can defend the interests of your fellow students.

    • EUTOPIA, a new alliance of six European universities that strives to create a connected and inclusive academic community across the continent, launched its strategy at the Solvay Library in Brussels.

    • Today pollution level 0 was reached in Brussels. Due to the deteriorated air quality it is recommended you change your habits in order to limit emissions. You could choose an alternitive to the car and limit heating if at all possible.

    • On the 19th of February 2019 the second edition of the International Student Conference was held as part of the Week of the Student at the VUB. The first one was spearheaded by Jimmy Hendry Nzally, PhD student and former chair of the International Student Platform. The conference is a collaboration between ISP and the Student Council on university policy. At VUB it is important that students can voice their opinion on key issues. As 21% of the student body has an international background it is also vital they get the opportunity to participate in the decision making.

    • As the second term gets going the language tables in the student restaurant are back. Check out the schedule below if you want to join a table and improve your language skills with a bunch of new friends while eating your lunch. A perfect combo!


    • The World@School is a new project launched by the Government of Flanders. The 2017-2018 academic year was the pilot year for the project. This project involves international students in small school projects with the aim of getting to know the Flemish society better and also creating global awareness for the younger school pupils.