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    Graduated! What now?

    Graduated, what now?

    Congrats! You did it! Are you looking for your first job? We got you.

    When will I receive my diploma?

    You'll receive your diploma during the proclamation.


    Our alumni relations office keep you up to date with what is happening at the VUB and the activities we organise for our alumni. You can stay in contact with former classmates and other VUB people thereby expanding your personal and professional networks. 

    What happens to my VUB email address

    Good to know. Your VUB email address will in principle remain valid for one year after you graduate.

    Want to remove your VUB email address and accounts?

    =>Use the ICT Service portal
    Log in to the ICT Service portal on https://vub.service-now.com/ with your @vub.be account (Firstname.lastname@vub.be + VUB password) and create a ticket with the request to delete your VUB accounts.

    =>Use the Office 365 portal
    Log in to Office 365 on https://portal.office.com/ with your @vub.be account (Firstname.lastname@vub.be + VUB password), and email the Helpdesk via helpdesk@vub.be with the request to delete your VUB accounts.