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    Second examination period 2020-2021

    Exam period

    For this academic year, the examination period falls from 16 August to 4 September 2021. 

    Exam form

    Will my exam be oral or written? This will be communicated by your teacher after the exams. This information will be communicated in your timetable or on Canvas.

    When will I know the schedule of my re-examinations?

    The final exam schedule will be available 2 weeks before the start of the second examination period.

    How do I know if I have a retake?

    Read the proclamation code on your scoring sheet. You can download your scoresheet via the SelfService Students.

    => If it says "Passed" or "Continuation of study programme", then you have passed.
    => If it says "Delayed Second Seat Time", then you have one or more re-examinations for the courses in which you scored lower than 10/20.

    Don't forget to download your scoresheet scoresheet.

    Do I have to register for a retake?

    You are automatically registered for the second sitting time. Do you have an oral exam? Most faculties also require you to register for your oral exams. If this is the case, it will be indicated on your exam schedule or on the website of your faculty. You can then set a time slot online.

    Do only the points of my re-examination count?

    If you have a re-examination, your result from the first sitting time will be cancelled. The mark you obtain for that course during the second sitting time (re-examinations) then becomes final, even if you had a higher mark during the first sitting time.

    How do you know if deliberations have impacted your results?

    We have listed all the information about deliberations for you. Take a look at them here.


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    Do you have questions about your study account?

    If so, be sure to contact your study path counsellor.