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    Graduation Ceremonies on the 'Grand Place'

    Good news for students who are graduating this year! Their Graduation Ceremony will again take place on the most beautiful market place in the world, the Grand Place in Brussels. An invitation with more info and a registration form will follow after the exams and a few weeks of holidays. Mark the date and time in your calendar for your faculty and study programme!

    Monday 4 October

    • 10-12h = Law & Criminology

    • 12-14h =¬†Faculty of Languages and Humanities

    • 14-16h = Physical Education & Physiotherapy

    • 16-18h = Science & Bio-Engineering Sciences

    • 18-20h = Medicine & Pharmacy

    Tuesday 5 October

    • 10-12h = TEW, Handelsingenieur, International Business and Business & Technology

    • 12-14h = Bedrijfskunde & Management

    • 14-16h = Sociologie, Communicatiewetenschappen, Politieke Wetenschappen, European & International Governance, Communication Studies

    • 16-18h = Psychology & Educational Sciences

    • 18-20h = Multidisciplinary Institute of Teacher Education

    Wednesday 6 October

    • 10-12h = Engineering (following Bruface & ULB ceremonies)

    • Good luck this exam period, enjoy the summer and hope to see you then!