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    7 tips on exam stress

    1. Get it out of your system

    Are your thoughts constantly running through your head? Try writing them down in a notebook. This will give your pondering thoughts a place on paper and cause them to bother your head less often. These tips will also help you to worry less and get more peace of mind.

    2. Find your own rhythm

    Everyone has their own study rhythm. Are you the type that studies actively in the morning and prefers to sit on the couch in the evening, or do the evening hours make you study better? Find the rhythm that suits you and study when you are most concentrated!

    3. Choose your study space

    Your study space is more important than you think. Make sure that your study material is the only thing on your desk and remove all distractions. Your desk should be a place that you associate with studying.

    Can't concentrate? Don't have a quiet study area at home, a stable internet connection...? Then consider studying in the library or in a study room. We offer study places at both campus Jette and campus Etterbeek. Reserve your study space online. Brik is also organising Study Spaces in and around Brussels.

    4. Stressed out?

    Is the stress piling up? Talk it over with a friend, a classmate, a family member... How can they help you? Do you want to get it off your chest or do you need support?

    Study guidance is ready for you! You can drop by Monday to Friday between 9h and 17h (in Jette on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or you can call 02 629 23 06 (Etterbeek) & 0499 45 75 94 (Jette). You can make an individual appointment via the website.

    5. Go outside

    Don't get stuck behind your laptop during your break, but go outside for a while. A short walk, a bike ride, a game of padel... can do wonders. Looking for a fun break? Let us inspire you.

    6. Avoid TV shows

    There's nothing better than watching a few episodes as a break, but tv shows can be very distracting. So decide for yourself whether watching one is the right break for you.

    7. Don't forget anything

    Avoid extra stress on the day of your exam and get everything ready the night before. Don't forget your student card, pencil case, bottle of water, calculator, public transport pass, face mask, disinfectant spray to clean your desk, snack... Double check the time and location of your exam, just to be sure.

    Do you have an online exam? Then don't forget to test the tools you use beforehand. Check this page for all tips & tricks.

    Don't dwell on it

    Are you not feeling well? Can't handle the stress anymore? No worries! The student psychologists and study guidance counsellors are there to help you.