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    Study break ideas

    Play a boardgame!

    In the library in Jette and Etterbeek you can borrow various boardgames. You can choose between more than 40 different board games: Catan, Risk, Pandemic, Shit happens, Rummikub, Kubb, puzzles...


    Just keep swimming

    Clear your mind and go swimming at he VUB swimming pool on campus Etterbeek. Book a spot here.


    Go outside

    Do you like to relax on your sofa during a study break? Don't! Instead take a short walk or eat your lunch outside. Get some fresh air and give your brain a break.


    Power to the powernap

    A power nap can give you a boost of energy. Just try to keep it under 20 minutes.


    Let's dance

    Need a quick pick-me-up? Play your favourite guilty pleasure and let yourself go! Shake it off!