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    Everything you need to know about your exams

    Your exams

    Check your exam schedule

    A good start is half the battle. So check your exam schedule on time! Print it just to be sure and hang it on your wall.

    Online and offline exams

    This year we will be organising online and offline exams again. How does it work? You can find all the information on this page.

    Exams and vaccination

    What to do if you receive your vaccination invitation and your appointment coincides with an exam. Don't schedule your vaccination on the day of an exam or the day before an exam. Depending on the vaccination centre, you may be able to pick a date yourself or reschedule your appointment. Read all about vaccinations and exams on this page.

    Know your exam rules

    Your rights and obligations can be found in the Teaching and Examination Regulations. Each faculty has faculty-specific additions and deviations to the central Teaching and Examination Regulations, which can be found on the faculty pages.

    Illness during your exam

    You should let your faculty know you are sick (also Covid). In case of force majeure you can ask to reschedule an exam. Check your faculty page for all information about force majeure.

    Make sure you don't forget anything

    Avoid extra stress on the day of your exam. Take the time to prepare everything the evening before your exam. What do you need? Student card, pencil case, bottle of water, calculator, public transport pass, face mask... Also check the time and location of your exam to be sure.

    Online exams

    Technical problems online exam

    Nothing worse than a technical problem during an online exam. It is therefore absolutely necessary that you install and test the tools a few days before your first online exam. In case of technical problems, please contact the ICT Helpdesk via helpdesk@vub.be (don't leave it until the last minute).

    Did you still encounter a technical problem during your exam? Contact your professor immediately. Check this page for more information. Bookmark the link now.

    Tip: Restart your computer 30 to 15 minutes before the exam.

    Bike, car, train or metro? How to get to your exam

    External locations

    Do you have an exam at an external location? You will find more information about bicycle parking, parking facilities, public transport and more on this page.

    Parking on the campus

    Attention: the new access barriers are in use. Do you come to campus by car? Register your number plate to get access to the parking lot. Use your VUB-mail address and password to log in.

    Need help studying?

    Studying on-campus

    Are you looking for a quiet location to get stuck into your books? Good news, we offer study spaces on both campus Jette and campus Etterbeek. Book your study place online.

    Brik is also organising Study Spaces again. You can study together and take a break at different locations in and around Brussels.

    Extra support

    Studying for your exams does not always go as planned. The Study Guidance counsellors are here for you! They can help you draw up a study schedule, prepare for multiple-choice exams, and prepare for the exams in general... So be sure to also check out their tips for remote oral and written exams.

    Study Guidance can still be reached! You can drop by every working day between 9 am and 5 pm (in Jette on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or you can call 02 629 23 06 (Etterbeek) & 0499 45 75 94 (Jette). You can make an individual appointment via the website.

    Any more questions?

    All information about your exams can be found on this page. Can't find the answer to your question? Student Information (Infopunt) will be happy to help you. E-mail us (info@vub.be), call us (026 29 20 10) or pop by our desk in Building D, Etterbeek campus.

    ♥ Good luck with your exams